Sunday, November 23, 2014

Vintage Lace: Dressve

LBD or little black dress is the modern woman's best friend. At least I'd like to think so. Since my closet is teeming with dresses these days, I was not altogether surprised that I picked another LBD from Dressve. When shopping for dresses, I always look for versatility. I want something that I can wear in more than one occasion, as well as something that can be easily transitioned from day to night. These were the exact same reasons why I love this dress

It is already my second time to order from Dressve and I could not be more thrilled with the items I got. First off, they offer fast shipping! It managed to get delivered right before a different batch of items (that I ordered earlier) I ordered online did. I have to give them five stars for that.

As for the dress itself, it is made of cotton blends material. It is soft and comfortable to wear. The fit is also quite forgiving, which makes it easy to wear for a wide range of sizes. I just love the lace detail on the back - it is a nice surprise from the plain look of the front. If you would like to shop the dress, you can find it here

The addition of my nude heels and mint sling bag, it's looking like an ensemble ready to rock the holiday parties this season, don't you think?


Saturday, November 22, 2014

Beauty Craving: Lipsticks

Since I bought my first red lipstick, I have enjoyed the process of using makeup (lipstick, specifically) to complement my outfit. I never realized how much a specific lip color can add that "little something" to your look. Eventually, I ventured into trying out different shades (outside of red and pink) and I see my lipstick collection growing by the day. And yet, I can't stop! Here are some other lipstick shades that I am particularly eyeing to add to my lipstick stash for future use. 

MAC Craving

I've been looking for beautiful plum shades and this is one in particular that I've set my eyes on. It is plum but with hints of pink. It is an amplified creme finish so it also got a subtle shine to it.

Maybelline Bit of Berry

In my search for plum lip shades, I also came across Bit of Berry from Maybelline. It is close to MAC Craving, no wonder why these two are often compared next to each other. However, this shade from Maybelline is more pink than Craving is. It is part of the Color Sensational line from Maybelline.

MAC Candy Apple

Okay, another plumful shade. This one though comes with a midtonal warm plum, perfect for the cold weather ahead. It is part of MAC's So Supreme lipstick collection. Therefore, the lipstick formula is moisturising and with a sheen designed to give a flash of glow to your lips.

MAC Relentlessly Red

This is part of the Retro Matte lipstick collection from MAC, as inspired by its most famous red shade - Ruby Woo. As a big fan of matte lipstick, I cannot wait to sample this particular shade. It comes with a cool undertone to give more eye-catching effect to the lip color.

Revlon Lover's Coral

MAC Sunny Seoul

The creamy and warm pink color from Sunny Seoul tug at my heart, making this lip shade a part of my must-have lipsticks. This color might work best on light skin tones, though, because the shade is very ethereal that it verges on the line of pastel. It is also a perfect lip color to wear for day look.

L'Oreal Plum Passion

Dubbed as the "party shade", this dark plum lip color is a dream. I can envision myself wearing this with a party dress this upcoming holiday. 

Have you tried any of these lipstick shades? I'd love to hear your review - be sure to leave your links in the comment section so I can check them out. xo


Thursday, November 20, 2014

Fall/Winter Sale at SheInside

I haven't stopped dreaming about fall/winter fashion since September rolled in. Seeing my favorite bloggers rock cold weather style makes me feel envy. Even though I have a low tolerance for cold weather, I still can't stop dreaming about experiencing my first snow and then bundling up in cozy sweaters, knit scarves and ugg boots. I guess it's nature's way of sparing me from the fact that I probably won't be able to stand the cold given that we're experiencing tropical weather all year round. 

But for those of you still thinking about adding a few basic essentials to the cold weather, I've narrowed down the list to these four: a faux fur coat, beanie hat, a plaid scarf, and knit scarf! You can brave the cold winter with these warm and cozy clothing items. And here's some good news if you shop from SheInside - they're offering extra $5 off on orders over $50 with the code 'closet5' or $15 off on orders over $100 with the code 'closet15'. You can find more items here

Clockwise: Khaki Long Sleeve Faux Fur Lapel Outerwear $37.19 / Black Metallic Yoke Knit Hat $10.67 / Beige Chunky Knit Scarf $15.33 / Plaid Tassel Scarf $11.67

Which of these cold weather essentials are a must in your fall/winter wardrobe?


Monday, November 17, 2014

Style Remix + Celine Handbag

I am not always one to go for matching looks. I find it cheesy, or even tacky when overdone. But if you can ace it, you could end up with a pretty fabulous outfit that can easily catch the eye even with minimal styling. This look, however, was not premeditated. It was at the last minute that I decided to grab a blazer to layer my dress (which I've already featured here) and it matched the color of my handbag.

If the dress looks somewhat familiar, it's because I've featured that here. But the dress is not the focal point of this outfit. It's the bag! It's one of my new ones that I purchased from Celine. The sea green color was of the same hue as my blazer that I used to give a dressed up look to this casual flared dress. I love the minimalist touch of the outfit but it has enough color to catch the eye, too.

Any new purchase that you were quite happy with?


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