Thursday, October 27, 2016

Loren Hope Fall 2016 Collection

It's no secret that I love accessories and jewelries. These are my go-to when I need to dress up a little and an accessory or two can get the job done on a whim! Personal style bloggers will probably relate to this - there are some days wherein we just want to put on a tee and denim jeans. But adding a statement jewelry or accessory can instantly elevate the look. You can look polished without trying. For this reason, Loren Hope has caught my eye. I first found out about the brand when I saw some of their pieces on Instagram. 

Even though I love a good statement piece, I like elegant pieces that make a statement without being too bold or in-your-face with the designs. For their fall collection, I find myself drooling over every piece. But I've included just some of my top favorites for you to be inspired by! You can also check out their entire Fall 2016 collection here


Aya Pendant in Crystal
Aya Lariat in Sapphire
Midori Y Necklace in Emerald
Hana Pendant Set
Aya Open Collar in Sapphire
Reese Long Necklace

Aya Drop Earrings in Crystal
Aya Tassel Earrings in Sapphire
Hana Drop Earrings


Midori Link Bracelet in Emerald
Reese Bracelet
Hana Link Bracelet

Have you heard about Loren Hope? 
Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links; however, the opinion expressed and products picked are my own. 

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

10 Cozy But Chic Sweater Tops

Sweater tops are one of my favorite pieces during the cooler months. It is easy to style like a regular tee or top but thick enough to provide warmth during those cold nights. Hence, it combines the best of both worlds as far as combining two of my fashion essentials: comfort and style. I'll help your cool months styling easier by listing some of my favorite cozy but chic sweater tops at the moment. With these pieces, you can stay warm without letting down your style:

Splendid Adelaide French Terry Pullover
Splendid Cashmere Blend Turtleneck
Lulu's Washed Blue Sweatshirt
Lulu's Ivory Sweatshirt
Shein Pink Marled Contrasting Knit Sweatshirt
Shein Black Deep V-Neck Wrap Sweatshirt
Lulu's Chic Grey Turtleneck Sweater
Lulu's Cool Fringe Sweater
Shein Green Split Side Sweatshirt
Shein Burgundy Lace Up Sweater
Aside from sweater tops, what are your must-haves for this time of year?

Sunday, October 23, 2016

VIPme Glam Outfit

Dress: VIPme (c/o)
Shoes: CLN PH (similar)
Watch: Rumbatime c/o Shopbop
Earrings: Rosegal (c/o)

In my recent VIPme post, I featured a fun and bright colored dress that would be perfect for day and casual wear. Today, I am showcasing a dressier look with a crochet midi dress. I was drawn to this dress because of the fabric - crochets and laces have always been among my favorite types of fabric to wear. The flowy nature of the bottom of this dress also provides that fun little twist so it is not too formal or dressy! This is also part of their Autumn/Winter collection so if you want to dress up for the season, they have plenty of options to choose from. 

Dress: VIPme (c/o)
Shoes: CLN PH (similar)
Watch: Rumbatime c/o Shopbop
Earrings: Rosegal (c/o)

If you haven't heard about VIPme before, this is a female fashion website that offers a wide range of fashion options designed to champion the inner "me" in every woman. You can therefore select from a wide range of fashion designers rather than providing you with a single fashion sensibility. This is what makes it possible for VIPme to cater to all women: you can choose your own style without ever having to leave the website!

If you want to give the website a go, use the coupon code Abigail289 to get $5 off when your order reaches $50 or more at VIPme. To learn more about the I AM #UniquelyME campaign, you can check out this video on Facebook. 

Have you shopped at VIPme before?

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