Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Sale Alert: Trendy Bedding Sets from

Finding a quality bedding set is a must for any home. Your bedroom is supposed to be a place of refuge wherein you can relax and rejuvenate your spirit. It is only but practical to invest in quality sets for your bedding to make that possible. If you are in the market right now for quality comforter or bedding, stop your search for a while as I share to you this awesome deal: 2014 Black Friay discount comforter sets

The 3D bedding design is quite trendy right now. This is a great choice for those who take their home décor seriously. You can therefore pick designs that would complement the existing theme of your home décor and pick from the 2014 Black Friay 3D bedspreads deals to create the perfect accent for your home. 

Do you have a beach theme to your bedroom décor? Or a safari theme perhaps? There are endless possibilities you can try with a 3D bedding set wherein you can make your imagination run wild. With shops like providing a great array of options that are reasonably priced, designing your home according to what you have envisioned is now possible. 

Since I have been obsessing over home décor inspiration as of late, as evidenced here and here, I quickly envisioned what I wanted to buy for our own bedroom. You can also find 2014 Black Friay 3D baby bedding sale, if you are shopping for your toddler’s bedroom. 

New Arrival Lovely Flower Print 4 Piece Bedding Sets/Duvet Cover Sets

I picked this design because it is relaxing to the eye. There is a cozy appeal to the covers that make you just want to dive into the bed as soon as you step into the room. And given my obsession for floral, I am not surprised either that I almost instantly chose this one. 

Distinct Wash Printed Tree 4 Piece Cotton Bedding Set

This printed tree cotton bedding set features neutral colors that will work with any décor. Plus, it is also made with cotton so you can rest assured that it is comfortable and cozy to sleep into. 

Hot Sell High Quality Printed Perfect White Lotus 4 Pieces Bedding Sets

I just had to pick this one because the print is so pretty. I imagine this on our bedroom with pastel colors on the walls – truly a relaxing sight to come home to! 

If you want to shop and save now, visit this link for great deals on 3D bedding sets: 

Have you tried shopping 3D bedding sets?


Disclaimer: I was compensated for writing this post. However, the opinion expressed are completely my own. 

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Going Bohemian: Dressve

Maxi dresses. I can't even begin to describe how much I love them. As a self-confessed beach bum, I think they are an excellent choice for a day on the beach. But they also deliver effortless style as a street wear. Hence, I wasn't surprised when I got this bohemian maxi dress from Dressve because I also happened to be on a search for a printed maxi (the ones I have are currently solid colored ones). 

The dress is made with cotton blend fabric for maximum comfort and excellent fit. The fabric is therefore cool to the skin during a hot day, which makes it bearable for me to put on this maxi dress even when it was streaking hot the day we shot these photos. The print also does the statement for this dress so I decided to keep my accessories to a minimum.

Do you share my love for maxi dresses? Or is this something you wait to wear until summer?  If you'd like to shop this dress at Dressve, you can find it here. I am eyeing a few other cute dresses from the site too such as this and this. Make sure to check them out for affordable yet trendy pieces!


Saturday, October 18, 2014

Transitional Fall Looks by Julep

Even though we don't have fall here in the Philippines, that does not stop me from checking out fall trends and being inspired by them. I do like to pretend we have snow here so I can wear a trench coat or scarf to layer my outfit. Hence, I always grab at the opportunity whenever I can or when I feel a cool breeze come in once in a while. There is one thing that I undeniably love about fall, though - the rich and darker hues. You can see it on every fashion piece possible - coats, dresses, shoes, and even nails!

Hence, I was excited to put together a couple of fall looks from Julep's nail polish collection. Check out my favorite shades from their nail polish collection and the looks I was able to create from these inspirations.

Fall Look for Night

Julep Beverly Nail Polish / Black Bodycon Dress / Beige Long Sleeve Trench Coat / Black Suede Shoes

Fall Look for Day

Blue Slim Ripped Denim Pant | Red Lapel Long Sleeve Plaid Blouse | Beige Vintage Knit Scarf | Julep Brielle Nail Polish

Which of these fall looks do you like better? Any particular nail polish shade you like to wear more often in the cold season?


Thursday, October 16, 2014

TBDress Style Guide: Mother of the Bride

In a preview post, I've talked about choosing bridesmaid dresses. This time out, I will be tackling the dresses for mothers. A wedding is a special occasion not just for the couple but for their friends and family as well. Hence, guests to the wedding invest time and effort in looking for the perfect outfit to wear fit for the occasion. But mothers should also be given enough attention to ensure that they also look their best for their daughter's or son's big day. As a mother, you probably have not shopped for a dress this importance since the time you got married yourself. Below are some shopping tips you can use to help make the shopping experience for you, plus product recommendations from

1. Speak with the couple about the wedding theme. The wedding could be formal, semi-formal or casual - either way, knowing the theme will help make it easier to choose the appropriate dress for the mother.

2. Know the wedding motif and theme. This will make it easier for you to pick mother of the bride dresses that will not only fit into the wedding motif but also in the theme. Is it a formal, semi-formal or casual event? These factors will impact the style of dress you choose.

3. Do this in advance. Make sure you give yourself at least 6 months of preparation to give enough time to choose a dress, schedule fittings and make any adjustments to the fit (where necessary). Don't wait at the last miute.

4. Consider your own personal style. Even though it is your daughter's or son's big day, do not allow yourself to feel uncomfortable just so you can fit in. Choose a style that reflect your personality and are comfortable with.

Now that you know the basics to shopping for mother of the bride dresses, the next step is to go shopping. I've picked out a few product recommendations from but you can also shop your choices here:

Which of these dresses do you like most?


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