Wednesday, October 29, 2014

My Favorite Pre-Sale Items

I always love a good shopping deal (who doesn't, right?). And that is why I love shopping at SheInside. The website features a ton of products and several new ones added daily. But there is one feature about the website that I love most - their pre-sale offer! A pre-sale works this way: an item gets major discount (sometimes even half the original price) for a given period of time. The first 20 customers to order gets the biggest discount and then the discount gets smaller as more orders come in. Hence, it provides an added incentive to those who choose to order the items the soonest! I see it's a great deal especially if you are planning to buy an item anyway.

I decided to do a little browsing and found a ton of pieces that I love. I might buy a few of them (if my budget allows) or save them on my wishlist. Go over and see if you like something (click on the photo to learn more about each item):

Which of these items are you lusting after, like me? Have you tried shopping their pre-sale items?


Sunday, October 26, 2014

eShakti Dress

Finding the perfect fit is the trickiest part about online shopping. Since I started buying clothes off the internet, it was initially a hit-and-miss scenario. Some fit perfectly while others are way off. And it is a big deal for someone like me who hates the extra work of going to the tailor to make adjustments to the fit. Aside from the added expense, I find it to be taxing work. 

Hence, I was super excited when a representative from eShakti reached out for a collaborative opportunity so I can sample a dress of my choice. This was not the first time that I have heard of eShakti - I've been reading a lot of excellent reviews about the website and it piqued my curiosity. Where else on the internet can you find a shop that customizes the clothing for you? It's like having your own personal tailor and removing the need for guesswork when shopping. 

The first step involves choosing a design and color that you want. Then, you will be asked to provide customization information that include the size, sleeve type, length of hem, among others. Hence, you literally have full control as to how you'd want the dress to look like rather than having to deal with what is offered to you at the shop.

I chose this red empire cut maxi dress. Since I am petite, I opted for the mid-calf length so that the dress would fall right around my ankle and would not be as long as most maxi dresses are. It turned out to be a good choice because the length is just what I wanted it to be. I also love that the back is garterized so that it will fit you nicely regardless of your size around the torso area. 

The only downside that I had experienced with this dress from eShakti is that it can be difficult to put on by yourself. There are also a couple of instances wherein the zipper (located on the side) got stuck as I was about to close the dress. Other than these minor issues, I was very pleased with the dress that I got and would not hesitate ordering again if they can maintain the same quality delivered with this dress.

Have you shopped from eShakti before? How was your experience?

PS: I also wore this same dress to a recent wedding I attended. Here are some photos from the event of me wearing the dress.


Disclaimer: I was provided a sample of the dress for review. However, the opinion expressed are completely my own. 

Friday, October 24, 2014

TBDress Style Guide: Pageant Dress Shopping

I'm not a fan of beauty pageants. However, I can't (and I won't) deny that I do keep my eyes peeled for those long evening dresses that the pageant queens wear on-stage. In fact, pageant dresses might be the only reason  I watch them. These dresses have become a good option for women who want to go the extra mile when dressing up for a special occasion. When you choose a lovely long dress, there is little effort needed because the dress does the talking for you. comes to the rescue again, if you are in search of beautiful but affordable pageant dresses. I spent hours to no end browsing through their massive selection - it's so addicting! See below for some of my favorites from the site via this link:

If you need to shop for pageant dresses, here are some guidelines that you need to remember: 

1. Look around as much as you can. Try everything on. There are some dresses that do not look too good on the hanger; you can only appreciate their look and style once you tried them on. 

2. Explore different colors. Some colors work great on certain skin tones, while others don't. If you don't like how a certain colored dress looks on you, try something else. 

3. Know your body. This is the golden rule when shopping for dresses. Choose a style and cut that will compliment your body shape, not go against it.

4. Try the dress on with shoes. Make sure to try on the dress so you know the appropriate length using shoes you intend to wear on pageant night.

Have you tried shopping for pageant dresses? If so, what tip/s can you add?


Disclaimer: I was compensated for writing this post. However, the opinion expressed are my own.
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