Vanity Lust List for July

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I am the most girly girl I know so naturally I always find myself browsing the makeup section whenever I'm at the mall. Red and rose pink lipsticks are my weakness, but I also like neutral colored eye shadow palettes from time to time. When Sigma Beauty stocks up on new items, I always check the site out because I am constantly looking for new colors/shades to add into my makeup kit. Here are my latest makeup finds:

What's on your vanity list for July?


  1. I've tried Sigma's spa solution but it's not the love of my life anymore. lol! Their brushes are okay too but the bigger ones like the powder and blush brushes sheds. I've been meaning to try their makeup line but I personally think it's too expensive. of my vanity item for this month would be the NYX it! :)


  2. Nothing, but it looks like you found some treasures for yourself


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