Fash Love: LK Bennett

I am currently working on market research for LK Bennett, one of our clients, and as part of my task I had to learn about their company profile, history, and its products. This turned out to be not your ordinary day in the office, so to speak. I experienced major fashion envy while browsing through their website because all of the items were unquestionably chic and wish they would find their way to my closet. This is a luxury fashion house but despite of that I loved that their pieces were a combination of classical and sophisticated looks suitable for everyday luxury.

LK Bennett's A/W 2013 were most notable for its of impactful prints, deep colors, and electric dressing concept that the British style is most known for. Check out below to see my favorite pieces.

Are you going through major fashion envy yet?


  1. gorgeous ! <3 love it all ! <3



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