My Week in Instagram

It seems like October just started and now we've only got about a week until November is here. Everything in my life (as probably with most of you are) has been sort of in a fast track. In fact, I've found myself stopping a couple of times in the past week checking in on the date because I can't keep up! I am trying to hold my excitement for November, too, because aside from the fact that there are plenty of big events coming up, I am also taking a huge step in my career that I am both excited and nervous about. For now, I am keeping my lips zipped on that.

This past week my mom also spent 7 days in the hospital. Pretty rough week, told 'ya. But she's recovering fast and hopefully will only get better by the day. I am everyday thankful for that.

To see a glimpse of my life lately, here are some updates from my Instagram account:

5.) I've been meaning to travel again this year. Sadly, this plan never panned out because we had been saving up for something more important. Thus, I took the time out to reminisce on one of my favorite getaways from two years ago when me and my high school friends got together as a friend who'd been living in Rhode Island returned home. Just looking at the photo, I feel the beach calling out to me. So bad.

4.) My nephew debuted at the drum and bugle club late last month and I was one proud aunt cheering him on! He has been passionate about playing the drums and so we supported him all the way. He did real good but looking oh-so-fine in his uniform, too!

3.) When you've been together for so long, you become so comfortable in each other's company that you prefer to stay at home and make less effort with trying to please each other. Thus, it never ceases to amaze me how he always make things extra special when he can. This photo was taken during our 6th year and 10th month celebration dinner.

2.) Last week, got a holiday from work and spent it by going shopping with my parents together with the niece and nephew. I figured it was also a great time to go on a lunch date with my family so I treated them for lunch at Mesa, a Filipino cuisine restaurant at SM Lanang Premier. The kids had so much fun together, they make my heart melt.


1.) One of my friends is leaving to work in another city. Although I was saddened by their departure (as it might be months until I'd see them again), I was glad that we got the opportunity to see each other and spend some QT before her departure. And what better way to catch up than over Japanese cuisine? Been meaning to try out this restaurant called Sankai, too, and glad that I finally had the chance!

their California maki was the best!!

If you're on Instagram, let's get connected (ID: abj_castro)!

What's keeping you busy lately?


  1. Aww...these are all such cute and fun pictures. It's a bummer about your friend moving :( I know exactly what that's like. My best friend moved away a few years ago to another state. But at least there are holidays and birthdays where you can see your friend!

    xo Azu

  2. Sorry to hear about your Mom, hope she is better soon. I am also constantly checking the date because I cannot believe it is almost November, where does the time go? Love your weekly pics. Thanks for stopping by my blog via the link!
    Stay in touch.


  3. These pictures look so fun . Especially the under water one!
    Noor's Place

  4. Congrats on your big career step, whatever it may be!!! Wishing your mom a speedy recovery.

    Stopping by from the link-up!

  5. I hope your mother feels better, it's always hard to see loved ones in a hospital. And thank you for sharing your links with DC in style!!!

  6. Hi Abby! Thank you for commenting on So What to Twenty! I hope your mother is feeling better. I absolutely love the under water shot :)


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