Saturday, December 21, 2013

Pop of Neon

When it comes to shopping for dresses, I am drawn to solid colored ones that are simple in design and cut. Hence, this new neon and hot pink dress I picked up was something you would not normally find in my closet. I occasionally love wearing pink but I often settle for the lighter tones, such as rose or carnation pink. Hot pink on a dress? A ballsy choice but it worked in this case!


For one - the cut is simple. I might have to pack on some more curves to look better in it but that does not take anything away from my adoration of it. It draws the eye, very easy to wear, and comfortable. With the right accessories, you can even wear it to a cocktail or any nighttime events!
Do you fancy yourself wearing neon from time to time? Or is it fashion off-limits for you? Share your thoughts, ladies. XO



  1. So colored and I love it when you turned and I saw the back :)

  2. nice dress :)

  3. love the colors! gorgeous look you've put together

    Colour Me Classic

  4. your blog is beautiful. would you mind checking out mine and maybe following me? thank youu gorgeous ;

  5. What a great blog! You piece of blog space is adorable. I am loving the pop of color. You look great!!

  6. Great colors! Love how the dress is solid in the back-- very cute!

  7. Love that dress and all the bright colors!


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