Friday Favorites: Gorgeous Scarves

A scarf is the ultimate accessory. No matter the season, it has proven to be a handy accessory to quickly spice up an outfit or dress up casual tees or tank tops. It is amazing how a simple addition of a scarf can transform your entire outfit - I can attest to this as I have depended on them for some of my everyday styling. Plus, it does not hurt that it provides some warmth on a chilly day.

For today's edition of Friday Favorites, I am going to showcase a few scarves that I dug up online. I have noticed that majority of my scarves in the collection are plain and bold colored ones. Hence, I figured adding some printed scarves into my collection will definitely open up more styling possibilities. Feel free to click on the photo if you fancy a scarf (or two!) from my picks.


If, in case, you need more ideas to wear a scarf, allow my favorite fashion blogger Wendy Nguyen show you 25 ideas to wear a scarf:

Do you swear by scarves, too? Which of my picks are you loving?


Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. However, the items I have featured are my own picks and the opinion expressed are my own. 


  1. I love the scarves with the butterflies and the roses the best definitely! Great picks! I do love how scarves can be worn year round! Mckenzie xx
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  2. Great picks! I love all of them but my favourites are the second and the mint green scarf with the bird design.
    That video is also SO HELPFUL! I always wear mine one way, so I'm going to try experimenting with different ways now!

    Lyndsay | Fizzy Peaches

  3. I love the 6th scarf! :)


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