Second Quarter: Outfits

Hey, lovelies! I am doing a quick post today... I wanted to make a quick look back on some of the posts I had featured on the blog recently (at least some of my favorites). I realized I have some distinctive patterns with my looks and so I wanted to get your pulse on which one you loved.

Red Remix / Red, White and Blue / Floral with an Edge
I did not realize how much I loved wearing red until I looked back on my posts. I am drawn to red lately - the bolder, the better! Which of these looks featuring red did you like most?

Pattern Mixing: Floral + Chevron / Sultry Summer / Everyday Glam

My style has always been about delicate and feminine pieces, such as chiffon, skirts, and florals. Hence, these are my so-called staples in the closet. Which of these looks are you loving?

Damask Peplum / Floral Dress from SheInside / Casual Stripes

And lastly, I've been playing with a lot of patterns in my outfit posts on the blog. I love patterns! They are the easiest ways to make a style statement with minimal accessories required. I always swear by floral but have also ventured out into other types of patterns too.

Which of these looks are your favorite/s? I'd love to hear what you think!



  1. These are all some really great looks! I am totally in love with that cobalt blue midi skirt! It looks so wonderful with your red striped shirt.


  2. Abby I love to see round up posts like this one. So many great options. I especially like the floral one with the cropped denim vest, the blue maxi in the middle, and the peplum patterned from the bottom. XOXO, Elif

  3. My favorite is that floral dress! I would totally wear something like this

  4. I love wearing pattern too. It's an easy way to make an outfit interesting! My favorites are the looks on the right in all of the photos but I think you look great in all of these!

    Jamie |


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