Sunday, May 25, 2014

Everyday Glam

It is not everyday that you get to dress glam. But that does not mean that I shy away from infusing glam elements into my everyday outfit. Admittedly, my fashion style is leaned towards girly and delicate pieces (hence explains my love for lace, floral and dresses). 

This is one of my favorite outfit that I had recently put together. I realized that I haven't had much use out of this lace top in a while. So, I figured I can play around with this puff skirt, which in itself looks ultra feminine. Additional feminine pieces such as my floral flats and pink necklace created the finishing touches for this look. I so loved this look that I might try it again soon.

What do you think? Do you fancy wearing glam outfit or is casual more your cup of tea?



  1. Nice combination of colors. I love it :D

    Lysa of

  2. I am a sucker for anything lace! :) Pretty.
    xo Erin

  3. LOVE that skirt! Color blocking is one of my favs!

  4. Such a pretty look! Love the skirt and that necklace!


  5. Hi Abby! Absolutely adore that skirt :) Thanks for stopping by my blog and yes, I'd love to follow each other. Following you now - please stop back soon!

  6. Such a cute outfit! I love the color blocked skirt and those shoes are so pretty! xoxo Danielle @ For the Love of Leopard

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog. This is such a pretty outfit! I love that top and skirt!


  8. The lace top is so beautiful!!! Love how you styled it with a cute skirt! Thanks for sharing!
    I invite you to visit my blog and let me know if you would like to follow each other.


  9. I LOVE that necklace! such a beautiful color on you!

  10. That is a great color blocking skirt! There is so much that could be done with it! Thanks for liking my most recent look! I knew I had to up my game a little, I've been so busy with events lately! You're adorable as always!

  11. I honestly adore your outfit. That necklace! That top! That skirt! I love how the necklace and shoes even go together! I wish I had more occasions to go glam.

    Kate @ A Journey in Style

  12. Cute outfit, hun. :o)

    Ina :*

  13. pretty skirt :)
    xo jac

  14. Love this color combo! You look stunning :) xo Andrea

    Boho Bunnie

  15. The lace top is simply adorable, paired with the skirt, that's just stunning :)
    nice outfit!

    modimelodi | A blog by Moudy

  16. LOVE this look! The two-toned skirt is incredible!

    xx Folio V


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