Bridesmaid Dress Trend Guide for 2015: Aviva Dress

Choosing a bridesmaid dress is more complicated than it initially appears. If you don't want to lose friends over a bad choice (if it's that bad!), you have to give much thought into what your bridesmaids are going to wear on your big day. At the same time, you do not want to be upstaged by them! After all, it is your wedding day!

The best way to choose bridesmaid dresses is to keep the style simple and minimalist. It is all about choosing the right fabric. Once you have settled on a color motif, stick to simple and light fabrics like lace, satin or chiffon so the dress is kept sophisticated and elegant without commanding too much attention (and stealing it from the bride). This trend is evident in a lot of bridesmaid dresses collections that are coming out late this year and for the early part of 2015. 

The use of mismatched bridesmaid dresses is also a prevailing trend. It is fun to come up with different styles, lengths, cuts and neckline so that every dress has the wearer in mind. Whether your bridesmaid has a sassy or sophisticated style, it is reflected in the dress they're wearing on your big day!

As you can see from above, the combination of short and floor-length cocktail dresses look great on bridesmaids. It allows your maids to have more fun with their style because they can choose whatever suits them, rather than having a single style for all of your maids! In addition, you can use more than one color provided that they stick within your chosen colors for the wedding's motif. 

Meanwhile, here are more fab formal dresses that are expected to trend in 2015. You can visit http://www. to see more styles and colors:

If you are having second-thoughts about the style you want to choose for each bridesmaid, you can seek out their help in choosing the right dress. Get them to go shopping around for the perfect dress with you. Or, if you want to buy their dresses online, get them to pick the style they want. Cocktail dresses might be a standard option but there are still a few women who prefer floor-length dresses for that subtle elegance. A-line dresses, however, provide the most classic shape in a dress. It can suit all shapes and sizes. However, getting input from your bridesmaids can make your life easier when finding evening dresses.

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