My Favorite Accessories

I used to be intimidated by statement accessories. But now that I have stepped out of my fashion comfort zone, I have come to embrace them and what they can do to enhance an outfit. Hence, today, I am showcasing some of my favorite ways to accessorize a look.

Since I live in a tropical country, the days are excruciatingly hot (yes, even though it's not summer!). To go out with sunglasses is almost a sin. Thankfully, I can add a new one to my sunnies collection when Specspost reached out to me to do a review. But this company is more than just your average sunglasses company. They offer custom-made lenses according to your prescription. They also offer a wide range of frames to fit your lens into; in fact, you can wear sunglasses and have prescription lenses in them. How cool is that? 

Julie of Specspost suggested I try out their petite line (yes, there is an option for all sizes an styles). I got this petite wayfarer style prescription sunglasses valued at £28.50. I am impressed with the quality of the frame and the fact that their sunglasses can also double as prescription glasses (great for when you like spending time outdoors and tired of switching between your eyeglasses and sunglasses.

Aside from my sunglasses, I also never go out of the house without a watch on my wrist. This beautiful chain wrap watch from La Mer is a nice way to add more accents to your look. I love the bold orange color to give more pops of color to my outfit. 

The watch was definitely a great compliment to my new leopard shorts I bought from Choies. This is one of my favorite shorts... ever. The material is highly comfortable. It also comes with an excellent fit. I've been buying lots of shorts that I can bring to an upcoming vacation and I think I found one that will notably be on my packing list. 

What about you? What is your favorite way to accessorize a look?



  1. nice look!

  2. Very cute look and sunglasses. Sunglass are a must where I stay at :)

    Kreyola Jounerys | Instagram

  3. Those sunglasses were made for your face! Beautiful dear!


  4. I love anything leopard so it's always a great accessory in my book! Those shorts are adorable!

  5. I love the coral color of you watch, it goes very well with your new shorts. Also, I see that you combined with your lipstick. Really cool!

  6. Statement jewelry adds SO much to an outfit, definitely no reason to be intimidated by them! You look adorable!

    xo Robin


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