Wedding Planning: Update

Wedding planning is no joke. It can be stressful even with a wedding planning team to help me out (or it could simply be the process of closing out a housing deal that is adding to the stress). At the same time, it is a very exciting time in my life that the fiance and I cherish together. It seemed like only yesterday when I was cherishing the euphoria of our engagement during our trip to Malaysia. 

When we started to get down to the actual wedding planning process, one of the first things we wanted to figure out is the wedding theme and the venue. Our goal is to go for a wedding theme that was a cross between traditional and modern. If only we were a bit on the adventurous side, I would definitely try out any one of these unusual places to get married I found on AOL's Travel website while doing my wedding research... Or not. But if you would like to get some crazy inspiration, I suggest you look at these 10 weird and wonderful places to get married.

Pinterest is also a very helpful resource for gathering ideas and inspiration. In fact, I have my own board of wedding inspiration to get ideas from for our own wedding. 


In choosing our wedding reception venue, we had about 2-3 options. The main factors we considered in choosing the venue was the intimacy it offered to the reception, the overall ambiance and the ability to choose a customized menu. We had lots of ideas going on but one thing is for sure - we did not want to have a buffet style dinner for the wedding. We wanted plated in, fine dining type of meal for our guests. Aside from a fine dining meal, we wanted to choose the menu and pick the dishes that we want for our guests to enjoy. Therefore, hotel receptions were out of the question.

Without giving away too much detail, we opted for a reception venue that was a little bit tucked away from the outskirts of the city. It was intimate, romantic and slightly secluded but still accessible enough from the heart of the city (roughly 15-20 minutes from downtown). The location also offers a beautiful view, especially during night time.

Wedding Sneak Peek

I'll try not to share too much details yet as there is still a lot of planning to be done. But here are some ideas we are using as inspiration for the wedding...


To be honest, with so many things to consider, we barely have time to even think about where we will be spending our honeymoon. Our main priority right now is to get all the wedding details ironed out and the house ready for moving in. My opinion about the honeymoon destination, though, is something non-traditional. I want to try out something unique and adventurous. Into the Blue sounds like a great option for that! There are several packages and activities to choose from depending on what type of adventure you like. It might be a great way to find out just how adventurous I am... So far, zip lining and SCUBA diving is as adventurous as I can get. Do you have recommendations?

Are you planning your own wedding too? Where do you get inspiration and/or ideas from?



  1. Well, we're not on this stage yet but I'm pinning a lot of ideas and inspirations on Pinterest! You can get a lot from there Abby! :)

  2. Oh man, I can feel your pain, planning a wedding is hard work!! I was planning mine while in school and studying for a professional exam so it was insane. But alas, it all got done and it really does pay off! Just remember to only do those things that YOU want, don't let anyone make you do anything. It's a day meant to celebrate you and your husband spending the rest of your lives together, so make it yours!

    xo Mary-Katherine
    gold-hatted lover

  3. Planning a wedding looks exciting! Love the inspiration photos, love the ring. Great post. Good luck with the planning!


  4. That is exciting! Busy busy busy but all worth it when everything is done!

  5. good luck with the planning. yes, it is stressful to plan a wedding but it's going to just perfect! p.s. your ring is a stunner!

    love, liz

  6. So exciting! Can't wait to see pictures of the big date!

  7. How cute! It will be very nice wedding :)

  8. I am working to plan my wedding too... I dont event know where to start; other than Pinterest lol great inspiration.

    xx Falasha
    Bite My Fashion ll Instagram ll Bloglovin'

  9. goodluck with all the wedding plans hun!


  10. good luck with the wedding plans.

  11. Wedding planning is beyond stressful! I remember it well, and would almost like to forget! Ha :) Good luck in your planning! -xx


  12. Wedding planning is beyond stressful! I remember it well, and would almost like to forget! Ha :) Good luck in your planning! -xx


  13. Congratulations! I bet it must all be so exciting yet super stressful! I love all of these photos :) xx

  14. Congratulations! I love all your photos and ideas :) It's going to be extremely beautiful.


  15. All of your inspiration pieces look beautiful! I cannot imagine how much work goes into planning a wedding!


  16. loving your table setting pegs! this is so exciting!


  17. I'm no wedding planner but have helped and it was so much work! Looking forward to seeing how the planning goes!! Congrats on the engagement!

    xo, Jessica || The Petite Diaries

  18. Such an exciting time! Your ring is gorgeous btw.

  19. Wow you've got so much on your plate right now. I wish you all the best and that all your plans go smoothly. I get most of my inspiration from Pinterest, and stylish sites online. Just followed you on Twitter and FB! hope you will follow me there as well. Have a fabulous weekend!

    Much Love,


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