6 Swimwear Sets To Die For

Since tying the knot, the husband and I haven't had the time to go on a honeymoon trip... mainly because we've been busy getting our house ready for moving in. We both did not anticipate it would be a lot of work. But much like the stress of wedding planning, we've been relishing this time of our lives. And going back to the topic of honeymoon, I wanted for us to go somewhere tropical. The last time I went to the beach was way back in May. It breaks my heart a little to say that. 

With the thought of a tropical vacation, I've been looking around for the perfect new bikini to wear for the trip. I stumbled upon To Die For Swimwear on Instagram and their swimwear options are literally to die for! Below are some of the adorable swimwear I've had my eye on:

KENZI - Naomi

Naomi - A black bikini is a classic, like an LBD (little black dress). It is quite a surprise to me how I haven't had a pair of black bikini yet. But this one comes with feminine and dainty lace details and a light push-up effect that I am seriously considering this one.

CARA - Carter Rose White
Cara Rose White - Aside from a classic black bikini, one of my all time favorite is a floral swimwear. I have a couple of floral bikinis but this one from To Die For comes with a pretty lace detail that is just too hard to resist!

Monday Lily / Gypsy - White
Monday Lily / Gypsy (White) - A triangle bikini top is my next favorite type of bikini top, next to bandeau. It provides optimal protection and quite sexy too. A white lace bikini is even better!

KENZI - Summer Breeze
KENZI - Summer Breeze - Blue is my all time favorite color and to see this bikini with lace is just irresistible. This one gets the husband's approval!

ZOE - Alexa

ZOE - Alexa - A pink bikini is not really something that would capture my fancy; however, this one comes with beautiful and delicate crochet details. Two words: too pretty.

Material Girl Braided / Viviene Braided
Material Girl / Viviene - Neoprene bikinis are the fad these days - and I love them! This one comes in a beautifully mixed and matched combination that easily stands out!

Good news! If you shop any of my picks, or your choice of swimwear from To Die For, you can use the code FASH_CHRONICLES upon checkout to get FREE shipping on your order! 

Which of these swimwear sets should I pick?


  1. Oh darling I had no idea you're getting married! Congratulations to you both! What an exciting time!



  2. I love these ones you picked, especially the Carter Rose White one! Hope you get a chance to go on your honeymoon!

    xoxo Emily

  3. These are all such pretty bikinis, and I'm loving the feminine lace details! Hoping you get to go somewhere tropical soon!

  4. Love all your picks! That blue one with the lace is my fave. :)


  5. This is perfect! I'm going to the Dominican in March and need new suits! That pink one is amazing!

    Mary Kate

  6. These are so cute! Hope you guys get to your beach honeymoon soon!

    Kelsey @aslolife

  7. I love all the 6 pieces, scrolling through this make me wanna buy more swimwear and hit the beach more often. x


  8. sooo cute<3 your blog is amazing <3
    would we follow each other on gfc and G+?
    please let me know in my blog<3

  9. I'm not a big fan of those type of bikinis on me. I feel they don't suit my body. Those girls look great tho!
    The Color Palette

  10. Aaaahh, this post is making me miss summer so bad!

  11. These are adorable!! I LOVE that white suit! I just have a black bikini. I invested in a top in my bra size and it's WONDERFUL! I will never go back to a string bikini. They just hurt my neck so much! I can play around with bottoms though with a classic black top right?

  12. Love them all, but if I had to choose I would go for the all white or blue one... super chic!
    Hopefully your toes can touch the sand soon.
    Thank you for linking up with Weekend Wear!

  13. I love all these swimsuits! I love triangle bikinis now!


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