Friday, June 24, 2016

Wishlist: Ear Crawlers

Ear crawlers. You've seen them in blogs, shopping sites, celebrities... literally, everywhere! This new trend has got me curious and craving for one of my own. I love that these earrings that 'crawl' up to your ears give an edgy twist to an outfit. However, it is also versatile enough to be used as a dainty access to your outfit, think crystals or anything sparkly. Indeed, ear crawlers are a combination of stud and cuff earrings... and there are so many reasons to want one. I've curated a few of my fave finds online to get you even more excited about this trend:

Gala Ear Crawlers / Double Dipper Ear Crawler / Asymmetrical Tinker Bell Ear Crawler
Mohawk Ear Duo / Asymmetrical Falkor Ear Crawler / Caesar Ear Crawlers
Rebecca Minkoff Boho Bead Ear Crawler / Sam Edelman Tapered Pave Ear Crawler / Kate Spade Dainty Sparklers Ear Crawler

Are you loving ear crawlers too? Which of these would you pick out?


  1. I love the Rebecca Minkoff one, so pretty!

    The Flower Duet

  2. Hope you get some of these. Have a great weekend.

  3. What a lovely earrings. Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Such gorgeous picks girl!

    Ashleigh x

  5. Great items! Have a successful day dear!

  6. I love ear crawlers ! I didn't even know that was the name for them. hehehe


  7. I LOVE earrings like these!
    :) so many fun options!
    xo, Jensyn

  8. I love these kind of earrings!! I have a few pairs but always forget to wear them so thanks for the reminder!


  9. Even though I don't have these kind of earrings, I love seeing them on others. Kirsten

  10. I don't own ear crawlers yet, but I love everything in your wish list.

    Thank you for linking up with Beauty by Miss L weekly fashion & style link up

  11. Love the Caesar ear crawlers. I don't own a pair yet but love the style.

  12. I love this style of earring lately. Also like a statement earring if such a thing exists :)


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