Holiday Gift Guide: For Jewelry Lovers

All the baubles, sparkles, and glitz... it's so much fun to play with accessories. I especially love the holidays because websites like Baublebar and Loren Hope amp up their collection to offer luxurious jewelry styles fit for the party season. If you know someone who enjoys jewelry just much as I do, these gift items will definitely be perfect for them!

1 - Alex Necklace in Emerald / 2 - Rockstud Ring / 3 - Nala Bracelet / 4 - Chloe Double Brow Studs / 5 - Sevanna Crystal Collar / 6 - Kate Spade Hoop Earrings / 7 - Marc Jacobs Icon Hinge Bracelet / 8 - Mieko Druzy Drops
Earrings / Cuffs

What is your favorite accessory  to dress up an outfit with?


  1. Good picture, have a good day

  2. Those are great . I'm more into minimalistoxnhewelry now , but nothing can beat a good statement necklace
    X,ab Il
    The color palette

  3. I love a good statement necklace to dress up an outfit. Or an awesome statement ring - I feel like those are underrated!


  4. All these jewels are gorgeous! In love with that statement necklace. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Love #2! I'm always looking for cute new rings, especially in gold!

  6. All such pretty pieces! Jewelry is such a good gift to give!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  7. I love Kate Spade's design! Everything is always so clean but yet a little whimsical. Good pick with those hoops!

  8. Beautiful things! I usually stick to fancy earrings because I don't love necklaces and find bracelets annoying haha

  9. Gorgeous pieces! I love statement necklaces but now I'm into bracelets.

  10. Baublebar is one my favorite sites! Their jewelry is always so cute! Love the options you put in your guide as well!

  11. Great picks! Number 5 is stunning...I would be happy with any though ;)

    Sarah Bell
    Trendy & Tidy


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