Blogger Boss: 2017 Must-Haves

Since I am admittedly an OCD, I do like to keep things organized. I plan my week ahead of time. I always want to make sure that my works are finished at least an hour ahead of deadline. I can say that I am the master of organization when it comes to work and blogging. Hence, I have listed a few things that will help keep me organized this new year. Check out as you might find a few things to help you get organized and achieve your blogging goals for the new year:

1 - Sticky Note Set
2 - Rifle Paper Co Notebook Set
3 - Kate Spade New York Gold Dots 2017 Planner
4 - Kate Spade Pencil Set
5 - Best Year Ever Wall Calendar

What organizational item do you rely on to help you keep track of your tasks? 


  1. Those Kate Spade pencils are so cute, love the colors!

  2. I am in the same boat... organization is the key, specially if your forgetful like I am. I have not made up my mind on which planner I want for the new year. This kate spade planner looks like my kind!
    Thank you for linking up with Weekend Wear, have a great holiday!


  3. Oh YES to all! I'm all about planning! I love that Kate Spade. I'm ready for the new year and a fresh planner.

  4. Sticky notes are my saving grace. I use them all the time and i'm always on the hunt for cute ones.

  5. My google calendar has been my lifesaver but I definitely need to sit down this week and figure out a good system. I do have a planner but that's for my overall work.

  6. I don't think people realize how organized bloggers have to be! I am totally with you on being OCD about scheduling and husband can't take how I can never 'go with the flow' haha! And having cute office supplies makes it even more fun for me. I have sticky notes all over my office, so maybe I need those cute ones?!

  7. I'm looking into getting myself a little journal to document all my blogging goals/ideas/stats. I used to do it and it was so productive!



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