MAC Please Me Review


Any MAC lipstick lover? Raise your hand. I confess - I am obsessed with collecting MAC lipsticks. I've collected quite a few and most are red shades. However, I picked up a new one that is slightly different than what I'm used to but I loved as equally: Please Me.

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Please Me is a warm pink shade with a matte finish. This has got to be my favorite pink shade yet! I'm still looking for a blue-based pink lip color but for now, this one will do. On the tube, the pink might appear darker and brighter. But when you apply it to your lips, it is actually much lighter. The upside to this shade is that while it may be light, it is quite attention-seeking and gives a fresh vibe to your face. This is my go-to for when I want a simple but polished makeup look. 

Please Me is a winner when it comes to beauty effect and ease of application. Remember, it is matte though. Make sure you keep your lips slightly hydrated before application to keep your lips from becoming dry (especially if you have naturally dry lips prone to chapping). 

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Here is how this lipstick looked on me:

What is your favorite pink lipstick from MAC? 

MAC Velvet Teddy / MAC Candy Yum Yum / MAC Girl About Town / MAC Please Me

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  2. I love the Mac Please Me too. Mac is one of my favorite make up brands!

  3. Cute color, have a good weekend

  4. oh im obsessed with Mac lipstick! love the colour!

  5. Love the Mac and these lipsticks looks great.
    Please me is my favourite!

    Kathy's delight

  6. That looks a great color, I am always looking for new pink shades.


  7. Thanks for the review - I am a MAC lover too! And thanks for linking to Vis Monday, xo


  8. MAC has always been a favorite of mine. I love Ruby Woo!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style


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