How to Decorate Your Home for the Halloween

Growing up, I was never really a Halloween kind of girl. I prefer Christmas and New Year! But since I was able to attend a few Halloween parties in my previous job, I have come to enjoy all of the fun activities that go with it. In particular, I love decorating for Halloween and dressing up with various costume ideas. It is fun and provides a venue to unleash your inner kid. Since I haven't been to Halloween parties as I was growing up, it might be fun to do it as an adult.

If you are keen to get on with the Halloween spirit, I've included some of the fun home decor ideas from Rosegal that I've stumbled upon.

Halloween Print Tapestry
Halloween Wooden Hanging Sign
Halloween Anti-Skid Rug
Halloween String Lights
Halloween Pillow Case

Are you into Halloween festivities too?

Xo, Abby


  1. I love that rug! It's so cool! I prefer decorating for Autumn instead of Halloween. Autumn is more broad.

  2. You make me jealous because I love Halloween, but we don't have that here in the Netherlands.


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