Celebrity Fash: Weekly Fave and Fail

Favorite Look of the Week

I can’t decide so I had to pick two. First off is one of my favorite Hollywood beauties– Kate Beckinsale. In the UK premiere of her new film “Total Recall”, Kate stepped out looking flawless once again (was there ever a time she looked any less?) wearing a Donna Karan sequined gown that screams elegance. She also paired her dress with Salvatore Ferragamo pumps for added dose of fash. Truly a gush-worthy ensemble right here that puts any woman half her age to shame.

And speaking of another red carpet beauty, check out this look from Sofia Vergara. The Modern Family star has been a recent fave in the red carpet for her glamorous style and undeniable sex appeal. No other words are needed to describe how gorgeous she looks. Ogle on the photo below. Now, I’m sure most of us could only dream of looking like this in our 40’s.


Fashion Faux Pas of the Week

Meanwhile, on the other end of the spectrum, there is Lindsay Lohan. Lindsay. What else is there to say about her besides that she has had a pretty animated career? She’s also been in and out of the rehab due to her drinking addiction, but it seems as though her fashion sense is also in serious need of undergoing rehab.

Look at her photo – she looks tacky and gaudy. Who steps out of their house looking like this garb? And what is it with the pantless trend in Hollywood that I don’t get? Seriously, if you can’t go out looking stylish, at least don’t get photographed without your pants on. Period.

What about you? Which is your favorite look for the week? Fire off in the comments below.


  1. Kate Beckinsale is always glamorous on red carpets and has chic street style! Para pa rin siyang dalaga. ^◡^

    P.S. Can we follow each others' blogs too?


    Thanks! ^◡^

    1. Hi sure, let me know if you've followed this blog and will be checking out yours too :) Thanks for the visit!


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