Birthday Ensemble

Yesterday, I went to church with my sister and her kids to light some candles and say a birthday wish for her. After church we went right across to Abreeza to have lunch together with the kiddos. We also did some last-minute errands for her birthday dinner at home later in the day. It was a simple celebration shared by the entire family.

After lighting some candles though, my sister started snapping some photos of the kids and my ensemble. I took advantage of the opportunity to showcase how I styled my recent fash find.

Top: For Me / Shorts: Invogue / Earrings: Love Diva / Bag: Thrifted from Boracay D'Mall

I opted to wear a casual outfit because it was a hot day out. I also donned my new leaf drop earrings from Love Diva that I just recently bought over the weekend. Of course, the dramatic earrings demanded a bun (it was just coincidental with the warm weather!).

I kept my entire ensemble minimalistic and casual, although the earrings helped to spice up the look. I didn’t add any more accessories to my outfit lest I’m going to overdo it. The earrings were enough to tie all of the different elements of this look together. And I like that the color of my earrings complimented that of my shorts (my fave!) though I did not realize it then.

Check out our photo booth pics collage at Abreeza – clearly, the kids enjoyed it so much!  Happy birthday to my sister!


  1. love the little ruffle/print on the shorts!

  2. Hi Amy, thanks! it's actually lace details :)

  3. Love it, can't wait to see what you do next! Come check out my blog, maybe we can follow each other!
    Material Fixations

    1. Thanks Meganne :) Please check again, I will have more updates soon! xo

  4. Love the ruffle on the shorts and LOVE photo booths!


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