Fash Find: Leaf Drop Earrings from Love Diva

Over the past few months, I had been obsessing over fashion and colorful earrings. The more colorful and bold the design, the better. I have amassed more earrings over the past half year than I ever had my entire life (no kidding!) - that's how obsessed I am, really. I just can't help it. I like mixing and matching earrings and other accessories with my ensemble and I think it makes dressing up more fun!

Here is another one that I've added into my growing collection. Love Diva's Enamel Leaf Drop Earrings is a great combination of chic and classy while adding a pop of color into any outfit. Hence, I opted for it on my latest visit at their Gaisano Mall of Davao store.
This is quite a bargain (a.k.a. steal!) knowing it's priced at P200. It is very easy to wear and yet screams style when you pair it with the right ensemble. I see it would make a great compliment to a pastel or color-blocking outfit. I am already excited to use it and see how it would spice up the look.

How about you? What's your newest fashion find? Be sure to share it in the comments below. As for now, I am planning to check out Love Diva again to see other fabulous finds.


  1. Love your earring! Perfect for color blocking.. =) You may also check payless at Abreeza too, they have sale and I got this earring (minicci)last Sunday. They sell it at P57 only from P255.. =)


    1. Wow! That's an even better steal! Is it still available at Payless? I want :(

  2. Ummnn,,, What a wonderful design. I must say very impressive blog and really very trendy earring.


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