Blue and Green

In a previous post, I've talked about how I love the color blue and that I've basically filled up my closet with many clothing items of this color. Hence, you can only imagine my excitement when I was window shopping one day and found this azure pants at the mall. Love the fabric because it feels light and cool against the skin. Plus, it does not hurt that it looks effortlessly chic. 

I decided to play up with the color and paired it with my green Old Navy spaghetti strap top. The white bolero helped to break up the solid colors.

   Top: Old Navy / Pants: No Apologies / Bolero: G-Mall / Watch: Timex / Wedge: Rusty Lopez

What did you think of my first attempt at a color block outfit?

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  1. Those shoes are killers , amazing ,
    i loved how you styled the whole outfit together perfectly , you are such a cutie ,

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  2. I love those two colors together :) Blue and green are actually my favorite colors. This is such a cute look!

    xo Azu

    1. Thank you Azu :) It was a bit random but glad that it turned out well :)

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  4. Spice up your outfit with some accessories to add a little details or drama. :) I like how green matches the blue pants. :) pretty!


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