Feeling Blue

I've noticed that when I do browse the rack at a boutique, my eyes are quickly drawn to blue. My favorites range from baby blue to teal to azure and dark blue.. There is a royal touch to it, but at the same time it commands attention with such a pop of color to your outfit. Wearing blue is, as much as it is fashion-forward and eye-catching, a bit of a challenge. You have to strike a balance so that you don't pair it with a busy pattern or an equally bold color that they would clash, but just enough to highlight the shade

Hence, I always take on this challenge quite seriously whenever I dress up with any one of my blue tops. In this outfit post, I would like to showcase how I tried to mellow down this blue top that I got from For Me for a casual look. I went with light pants to give the blue shade up-top more pop to it. I love how comfortable the fabric feels against the skin and the way it fits. Can you tell it's one of my faves?

And because I was feeling color-savvy that day, I coordinated the color of my top with my ballet flats from So! Fab. And mind you, it's studded!

Here are my favorite celebrities wearing my favorite color in varying shades:


I'm obsessing over Blake's and Lauren's dresses. And the shade of blue on Miranda's skirt = love! What's your favorite color to wear?
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  1. Love the blue. Very cute !

    Thanks for visiting my blog, following you now.
    Xo Amy,

    1. Thanks Amy! Hope you can visit again :)


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