Holiday Makeup Guide

Most women tend to worry about what outfit and shoes to wear for a slew of holiday parties. Sure, you can do an extensive search for the best dress and shoes to wear to the party but you can ruin all of your hard work by not wearing the right makeup. One of the most important tricks to deciding what kind of makeup to wear is to think first of your personality and then the type of event you are headed to. You want to use the makeup to complement your natural beauty, instead of trying to fit your personality into it. After that, you can have so much more fun with your look!

Your eye makeup, to be specific, is something that you should focus on. The eyes draw a lot of attention in itself and if you can pull off your eye makeup, then half the battle is done. The safest bet for the holidays would be to add some shimmer into your eyes by using silver eye shadow palette. Make sure to add some into the inner corners of the eyes because that will help to bring out more drama and fierceness to the look. 

Or, better yet, you can go for a clean and classic look with a bare makeup. It helps to bring forth a sexy yet classy vibe to your holiday party look.

For women who prefer the traditional look, darker eyes and thick, curly lashes make a great choice. This kind of eye makeup also goes with when you are wearing a sophisticated and classic cut dress. 

Here are some other eye makeup ideas to consider:

Go Bare!

Oftentimes, the simplest looks can draw more attention. A lot of men prefer women to keep their colors simple and classic, which is what you can get with a bare makeup. It is also a smart buy if you go bare because you can use these palettes for your everyday neutral looks. For this kind of eye makeup, you will get eye shadows from the following hues: bronze, brown, black, or taupe. Learn more about this look here:

Dare to Stand Out!

Looking for warm yet vibrant eye shadow palettes? Go for eye shadow tones ranging from yellow gold, to rich reds, and light corals. This is a perfect choice for playful women who like to stand out in the crowd. You can go as colorful or as bold as you please! Get more ideas for this look here.

Show Off Your Flare!

You'd have to be bold enough to wear these bright and sophisticated hues for a holiday party, but it will pay off as the iridescent combination of eight over-the-top shades will tell everyone in the party that you have quite the attitude. This is a perfect complement to a fun and edgy look because not every girl can rock these hues. Are you ready to show them your flare? Get more tips to pull off this look here.
What's your favorite eye makeup shades for the holiday?
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