Lace on Lace

Have I told you about my obsession for lace? Yes, I love this fabric because there is a sensual yet feminine appeal to it that I believe reflects my personal style. I am not the most fashion-forward person out there, nor am I too experimental with my fashion sensibilities because I still stand firm with the idea that your choice of clothing should reflect who you are or at least provide a glimpse of it.

Needless to say, I am the most girly girl I know. In my mind, I like to be the outdoorsy, outgoing individual but to be honest, I prefer pink, lace, and heels just like the next girl. 

One weekend, when going out with the boyf to celebrate our sixth anniversary, I tried on this lace on lace ensemble. I paired my white, long sleeve lace top with my pink shorts that comes with a lace lining, of which you have already seen me wear here. Such a fun outfit, right? It's straddling somewhere between casual and sexy perfect for an anniversary getaway! And to further amp up the feminine quality to my ensemble, I also wore the pink rosette earrings I bought from Love Diva (pictured below).

Have you tried putting on lace with lace? Be sure to share some links to your post in the comments section as I'd love to see them. xoxo


  1. I LOVE the lace trend!! You look adorable!
    x x

  2. Pretty! Never tried it though! You should try editing the brightness of your photos so people could appreciate more of your beauty and the photos :)

  3. You look so cute in this lace shirt Abby! Stopping by again from the trend spin link up!


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