Little Red Dress

When I saw this red dress, I instantly fell in love with it. I've always wanted a red dress, although I already have one. I think that the color complements my complexion really well and I love wearing it with a red lipstick, too - my fave! And may I mention that I also wore red mani and pedi?

This corset dress is the perfect fit for me. It does not have any other embellishments to it - it don't need any of that. The dress in itself draws attention with its color. But since it was a casual day out for me, I opted to keep my accessories to a minimum - wearing only my vintage earrings that I've already featured here and my black Celine flats. Next time, I would love to wear it with pumps, maybe when I get to wear it for a more formal event.

How do you like my ensemble? Are you as crazy as I am with girly dresses? If you'd like to shop your own red dress, you can visit here or here for cheap finds.
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  1. I love your dress and you look stunning in these pictures! Thank you so much for having my blog listed as one of your favourite reads! That's so sweet!


    Five Minute Style 

    1. Thanks Stacey :) keep up your great posts - love reading them!


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