Fash Interview: Jorgy & Missy

Online shopping is one of my guilty pleasures. Ever since I ordered my first item online, I have come to realize the convenience of choosing and buying your items without having to go to the mall to do the shopping yourself. For a full time worker like me, who has the time to go to the mall, right? I can still remember my first online purchase and it was from Jorgy N Missy - a local based Facebook-shop that has since become a favorite of mine.

Hence, I reached out to the owners of Jorgy N' Missy so I can get the opportunity to know more about the people behind their shop, their future plans, and other things that might be of importance to their customers. As it turns out, there is not one but three people behind this online shop and they are sisters, namely Jennifer, Maricel, and Olive. Their love for fashion and business inspired the idea to bring forth Jorgy N Missy, which they work on in spite of their busy individual careers. 

Shall we get to know them? 

How did your online shop start? Where did the inspiration or business idea come from?

It actually started 5 years ago in 20078 when out of the blue, we sisters, being the typical Chinese who loves [sic] to venture into businesses, decided to start an online shop. Online shops were still budding during those times and it was the perfect time... and so we created our first Jorgy N Missy account in Multiply. Would you believe we only started with P4,000 capital? We wanted to test the waters first and see if we were suited for this kind of business, and looking back, I guess we were.

Where do you get your supplies from?

Our very first batch of dresses came from another online shop who sold items at wholesale prices. As our needs grew, we began to set out to Manila for purchases, and eventually decided to take regular trips to Bangkok to personally handpick our items. 

What inspired you to open a brick and mortar shop?

Well, when business is good, there is nothing better to do than to expand. That was when we decided to open our very own 'Jorgy N Missy' Boutique... we designed the interior of the boutique ourselves. That saved us a lot from costs since we did not have to source out architectural nor interior designing services.

How often do you get stocks for the shop?

It depends on the demand. It's usually every 3 months and in bulk, of course. 

What's your secret to the continued success of the online shop (especially knowing that there are a lot of these shops on Facebook)?

 We think that there are three main reasons that contribute to our success. First, we keep prices low while not sacrificing quality. We cater to all types of clients, ranging from students to working professionals... Second, we dedicate ourselves to continually seek for improvement in all areas of the business. Third and most important of all, we maintain good relationship with our customers. We believe TRUST is very important. 

Any other means of getting in touch with your shop?

For those of you who haven't been to our shop yet, we invite you to visit us at Jacinto Street, near Ateneo Jacinto gate, in front of Molave restaurant. It's open Monday-Saturday, 10am-6pm. See you!

To find out more about Jorgy 'N missy, you can visit their online shop here.  

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  3. How fabulous. I've always wanted to have the courage to step into a venture like owning my own store - They look like they've done a great job so far and I'm interested to see where they go in the future!

  4. I love online shopping too! I'm going to have to check out 'Jorgy N Missy' Boutique, Thanks for sharing ;-)


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