My Week in Instagram

A word of warning: sorry to bore you with my instagram photos but this past week has been packed. I had a hectic week behind me with our first big step towards future planning finally put into place (thank God!) and work to accomplish left and right. It's one of those times when I realize being an adult sucks but you just got to roll with the punches. I haven't had the opportunity to document my outfits or sit down to write a blog about the ones that I did document.

1. I can't quit showering my man with praises over his tremendous improvement at taking my fashion blogger photos. He's learned a lot. Teamwork happening right here! You can check the other photos of me he took in my latest outfit post here.

2. Captured details of my outfit during the boyf's dad's birthday. We had fun eating to our heart's content and chatting up with his relatives that taking photos of my outfit completely flew off my mind. Sadly, I am terrible at selfies so I was unable to produce good enough photos to feature on the blog. Better luck next time!

3. Showed off our cooking skills when mom celebrated her birthday early last week. Here's my our specialty: gambas!

4. Got invited to the media launching of The French Baker at SM Lanang Premier. Got treated to French cuisine at its finest, pastries, and wine! The perks of being a blogger ;-)

5. The boyf and I ALWAYS set aside time to get out and spend some QT, regardless of how busy we both are. Last Saturday, we went out for a movie date (Insidious 2, by the way). I feel so bad ass having survived the first Insidious movie and The Conjuring. I know, I always like to torture myself with these horror movies. Fun night, nonetheless. We had dinner after the movie at one of our favorite restaurants - Zabadani Cafe.

If you're on Instagram, let's get connected: @abj_castro

How's life treating you lately?


  1. Lovely pictures there!!
    BTW thanks for your visit and kind comment on my blog. Would you like to follow each other on GFC and Bloglovin?? ;-)

  2. Great outfits and the food look super delicious!!!!!

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  3. Thanks for saying my booties are adorable Abby! Haha, I also torture myself with scary movies... or rather my husband does, but I still watch. Your dinner date looked yummy!

  4. ooh, i love the first top, with the crochet! so pretty :)



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