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I never went to prom. Hence, I don’t get why most girls in high school made such a big deal of it. But I do understand that it serves as a rite of passage of sorts for young women. We all dream of days wherein we get to wear that perfect dress and get all dolled up. At such a young age, though, our fashion choices are not always the smartest as our sense of fashion is not as refined as when we are in our mid-20s. Insert the cringe-worthy ensembles that most women would like to forget about… which is odd because prom is a special time in a young woman’s life and it should be something you cherish and remember with a smile.

Today, we are considered lucky because the advent of online shopping has made it possible to find a variety of dresses in every cut, color or fabric imaginable. If you are looking for spring formal dresses, you can check here to start with: http://www.tbdress.com/Spring-Formal-Dresses/
Meanwhile, here are my picks for semi-formal and formal dresses for prom:

Semi-Formal Dresses
This dress is sexy and bubbly with a hint of elegance. If you’re not a big fan of long dresses or gowns, this one is perfect for you. The embellished neckline keeps it from being too simple and is appropriate for a cocktail event, too. As the photo suggests, you can wear it with an updo hairstyle.
This is somewhat similar to the dress above because it comes in bold color – no prints or patterns. The neckline is also embellished to make it ideal for evening wear as it gives it a sophisticated touch. Meanwhile, the dramatic shoulder puff and low back makes it stand out.

 Formal Dresses
The sweetheart neckline and the sweet coral color of this dress make it easily stand out for me. This style works really well for young women who want a sexy yet sophisticated look for prom.
This dress caught my eye instantly. The intricate pattern around the chest is definitely eye-catching. However, the sheer simplicity of the style exudes unparalleled elegance. The fabric also hugs the body just right to give it shape and highlight the silhouette.

If you are looking for more prom dresses, you can find lots of beautiful designs here: http://www.tbdress.com/Prom-Dresses-In-Utah/. TBDress.com is highly recommended as there is a style for you, no matter what your preference might be. You can look up more dresses here.

What is your prom style?

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  1. Oh man, that last one is elegant! I've never had the oppotutnity to wear a ball gown (I didn't go to prom either) but this would be one I'd want to wear--something with at least one strap, simple, elegant, and floor-length. Great choices Abby!
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