Red Fringe

I used to be scared to wear red because I felt that the hue was too dominating or even intimidating. But since I've become obsessed (yes, I feel like this is a reasonable term to use) with bold, red lipstick shades, I took the chance and figured maybe I can pull off red, too. Since then, I've been a fan! The bolder and darker the hue is, the better!

Today, I am showcasing another red dress. I decided to go overboard with this whole red thing by wearing deep red nails and bold red lipstick. I accessorized this dress with my favorite mixed print scarf and cinched the waist with a braided belt (since the fringe details can make the dress look wider on the hip area). 

This fringed dress has a boho chic vibe to it that drew me quickly when I saw it online. Yet, it has come as a surprise to me why it spent most of it's time in my closet. Some dresses just don't get the credit they deserve, do they? The last and only time I remember wearing this was for my friend's bridal shower and that was over a year ago!

As you can see, this dress holds lot of memories for me. Don't you think it's fun when certain dresses have that effect on you? Or am I just being too melodramatic? Either way, I can't deny that I am a big fan of red dresses!

Are you a fan of red hues too?



  1. I'm following u via GFC&bloglovin, hope u can follow back. THX XOXO

    Moda della donna


  2. I also love red, red lips, red jewelry, red dress :)
    You look amazing :*

  3. I love a bold red lip- but it took me a long time to figure out how to actually wear one. I used to always feel like it was "too much" on me. (I have remedied this now, however.)

    You look great in red!


  4. You can absolutely pull off red! I love red lips too, I wore a red lip on my wedding day and it turned out so nice. It was a shade from Lancomes Rouge in Love collection I believe.


  5. I love the red and your fun scarf! Thanks for sharing with Three-fer Thursday.

    xo Bethany


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