One Kings Lane: Reflect Your Style

Personality is defined as a set of attributes that form a distinctive character of an individual. Your personality is reflected in all aspects of your daily life - clothing, work space, decor choices, and even in the demeanor of which you carry yourself in public. I like to consider my style personality as a cross between vintage and feminine. I like to incorporate floral and vintage pieces into my personal items, which includes my vanity and in organizing my beauty and fashion items.

I would have to be honest, though - it is a far-cry from the beautiful vanity sets you would find in Pinterest. But a girl can dream, right? Good thing, One Kings Lane reached out to me to join the Reflect Your Style campaign. I jumped at the opportunity. I am currently in the process of gathering design concepts for our future new home. Hence, I quickly envisioned how I would want my dream vanity to look like. I got just the right vintage pieces I needed together with some decorative pieces and ornate wall mirrors from One Kings Lane's website.

Are you also big on vintage pieces? What would your dream vanity's concept be like?



  1. Everything you chose goes perfectly with the mirror. I'm not HUGE on florals but I love this. And that cute lil perfume bottle!? I'd get that lol.

    Xo Miriam

  2. Hi there! I completely agree! we reveal our personality and style through many things not only fashion! I love decorating, specially my office at work, it is very girlie and fun :)
    Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog, I don't have GFC but I'm following you on Facebook with my personal account Milu Franz and on Instagram :) hope you follow me back so we can stay in touch.



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