Sunday, June 8, 2014

June Remix: Monochrome

Putting together an outfit is a fun experiment, I just discovered recently. If you would have asked me to remix and re-wear the same pieces a few years ago, I would've found the thought taxing and a waste of time. It's a whole new story this time around, though. I take great pleasure out of trying out different combinations of fashion pieces. Sometimes, I surprise myself with the result!

This look is a result of one of those experiments I did. I've been fond of skirts lately so I was looking for a new way to wear this skirt, which you've already seen me wear here. The natural inclination was to pick a top that was of the opposing or complementing color scheme. But I stumbled upon this chevron stripes top with the same color scheme. I decided to go with a monochrome look instead. My reliable flats completed the look for a casual dinner with my man.

Are you a fan of monochromatic outfit?



  1. YOu look very pretty in the orange. I love the color and pattern with your skin tone. Your sandals are pretty as well.
    from link up, jess
    Please drop by,

  2. Really great outfit! I love the bright chevron stripes with this orange skirt. Your sandals are perfect with this look.


  3. Very cute- those shoes go so well with the outfit!

  4. Love the chevron print top! You look gorgeous! xo Andrea

    Boho Bunnie

  5. Such a great look! I love the chevron top paired with the textured skirt!


  6. Fantastic outfit Abby!! I love all the bright colors and that everything matches so well! Lovely look girl!

  7. you are the queen of fab ootds ,
    love love love the bag .


    - New ootd (Snow White )featuring chicnova pieces ,,

    P.S. Follow me on insta & i will instantly follow back @nanyslife

  8. Nice top, love the pattern and colours. I love remixing pieces. Props to you for stepping out of your comfort zone.

  9. u look awesome in orange :)

  10. Love this look! The top is great, and is a whole new way to wear the skirt. I like monochromatic outfits.

  11. Not totally monochromatic but I always stick to a neutral palette. Unfortunately, it doesn't look great on me to be in all white or all black so a mix of neutrals is my go to. If I was going monochromatic, I'd usually go for blues in different prints and textures. It's great for summer, too!

    Make Little Joys

  12. I love how bright and fun this is!!

    Five Minute Style 

  13. Aztec prints are so in at the moment. I love the colours in your outfit, they suit you well. I'm co-hositng Stylish Tuesday today but there has been a problem with my link. I will leave it here for you to follow if you're not already

  14. Abby,

    I think you rocked this well. I love the color and the print is gorgeous!!

  15. This is beautiful. Love your poses too girl!


  16. Pretty print! Great look!
    Dawn Lucy


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