Home Decor Inspiration: Open Floor

Planning an interior home decor is both exciting and exhausting. With a limited budget to work with, we wanted to be able to come up with a home design that is as close to our vision as possible but at the same time keep it within reasonable means. Pinterest has been exceptionally helpful when coming up with ideas and drawing inspiration from existing home designs, especially interior decor. Hence, I beg pardon in advance for anyone following me on Pinterest if I tend to overload on home decor images on my feed (sorry not sorry).

One floor plan design that we are currently looking into is the open floor design. We have a limited amount of space to work with; hence, an open floor design is a practical solution to save space. As it turns out, it provides a homey and cozy atmosphere within the home when done correctly. Below are some of the decor inspiration we have been looking at and are hoping to copy soon:


Oh, the glass doors and walls, wooden floor, and high ceiling... we can't wait to get the building process started!

Where do you get home decor inspiration for your own home?



  1. I love an open room plan. Have fun decorating.

  2. These spaces look wonderful, the open floor plan and how each room beautifully flows into the other..these rooms are obviously made for entertaining and a large family. Very nice!


  3. I would love to have a kitchen like that!

  4. I love Pinterest for home decor inspiration! Love these photos.

    Heidi D.


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