How to Wear Marsala to Your Prom

When planning which dress to wear for your prom night, there are several things you would often consider. But if you want to stay on-trend, it is important to focus your choice based on color. To be specific, you need to choose the Pantone color of the year for 2015: Marsala is a wine-inspired color that comes with purple and brown undertones. It is a rather bold color - however, it is actually a neutral shade that can be mixed and match with a variety of other colors. Hence, it makes for a good investment piece in your wardrobe and is a great color choice for your prom outfit as well. 

Check out some dresses designer prom on to give you options for wearing marsala to your prom this year. Plus, you can also get some styling tips to stand out in this color: 

Make Marsala the Star of Your Outfit

Choose a dress in this color from head to toe. The bolder the shade is, the better. There is a sophisticated and elegant touch to the color, which is why you should not worry about looking overdone with this color.

Pair it with Something Neutral

Whether it is a neutral coat or shoes, break up the colors with a different shade. This will infuse subtle sophistication to your look, especially if you are not too crazy about the color.

Choose a Classic Style

A sweetheart neckline or strapless gown is always a classic bet for your prom outfit. It is guaranteed to make you stand out no matter what color you're wearing. Add a sexy but modern twist to the outfit by choosing a gown with a high slit (if you dare). You can find a huge selection at whether you want a classic or modern dress style (like the one above). 

Pay Attention to the Neckline

If you want to keep the bottom half of your dress classic and simple, focus on the neckline. This is where you should be making a statement. It is also a good trick to make a marsala dress look modern and dated. 

There are more beautiful prom dresses styles to choose from when you do not limit yourself to traditional colors and styles. Even if Marsala is not your first option, you can play it up as an accent to other colors. However, the shade is quite prominent in itself so it can definitely stand its own as a color choice for your prom dress. For more of these dresses, visit

Would you wear this color to your prom? 
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