How to Wear Spring/Summer Colors for Fall

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If you love pastel and bright colors as much as I do, you might be interested to know that despite what the rules say, you can wear them for fall fashion too. The fall fashion previews might suggest you switch to darker, earthier tones but that does not mean that you should abide by the rules all the time. In fact, there is an incentive to wear eye-catching hues for fall as it can make your fall outfits seem more upbeat. Today, I have partnered with StyleWe to showcase some pieces from Lilith Paris, one of the website's independent fashion designers, and some tips on how you can wear spring or summer colors well into fall. 

Incorporate neutral accessories. Do you have a lot of pastel dresses in your closet? Do not put them away yet. You can still wear those light colored dresses for fall by incorporating neutral accessories to tone down the brightness a bit but still make it the focal point of your outfit.

Shoes make the outfit. If full-on pastel feels too summer-y for you, incorporate fall colors into your outfit through your choice of footwear. This will also add some polish to the outfit. 

Wear pastel outerwear. One of the easiest ways to get away with wearing pastel or summer/spring colors in the fall is with your outerwear. It will make your look suited for the cooler weather but with a pop of brightness from the pastel.

Limit to accessories. If you find that wearing pastel outerwear is still too vibrant for fall, then limit the pastel to your accessories only. It could be your bag, your earrings/necklace, or your scarf.

If you need more style tip, visit StyleWe's blog or check out these fun pieces so you can get more styling inspiration for fall:

Do you love to wear your pastels into fall, too? What style tips can you add to these?


  1. Beautiful inspiration, so stylish! Thank you for sharing :)

    Camille xo

  2. I love colours and I try as much as I can to incorporate them into my fall wardrobe. These were some really good tips!

  3. Great tips! Pastels are fun to wear year round and paired with the right accessories can totally work in the Fall and Winter!

  4. I have definitely seen more and more people bringing summer looks into fall, especially this season. I love it! Great tips on how to work this trend into your fall wardrobe. XO, Ellese


  5. I love light pink and mint for fall


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