Fall Must-Have: Army Jacket + Style Tips

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When it comes to closet staples, one of those items is a military/army jacket. Upon initial look, the jacket style exudes a masculine vibe. But it is also a great piece to mix with feminine pieces in your closet, staying true to its promise as a staple piece. In fact, while I do not have my own army jacket, I like to steal my husband's and style it! With cooler months in the horizon, it is time to take them out of your closet and get ready to style them. 

Check out some of the top army jackets I've found online and read on below to get some styling tips you can use for this season:

THE GREAT Swing Army Jacket
Zadig & Voltaire Grunge Army Jacket
Bailey 44 Jam Jacket
AMO Army Jacket
BB Dakota Vegan Leather Jacket
Current/Elliot Shipyard Jacket
Faux Leather Trim Utility Jacket
Andrew Marc Crinkle Leather Jacket
'Explorer' Removable Vest and Utility Jacket

Now that you have had your options, let's move on to the styling tips. 

Army Jacket + White Tee + Denim Jeans


One of the most classic ways to wear an army jacket is to pair it with a simple white tee and denim jeans. You can get more flexibility by choosing to wear it with sneakers or pumps (or any type of heels). You can therefore switch up your footwear depending on what time of day it is and where you are headed.

Army Jacket + Feminine Piece


My favorite way to style army jacket is to wear it with feminine pieces such as a floral dress, or incorporating a bright floral scarf for a feminine touch. The contrast between the edgy jacket and the feminine detail makes the outfit elevated. 

Army Jacket + White Jeans


Aside from the classic denim jeans, pairing an army jacket with white jeans is also a gorgeous way to showcase this fall staple. The white jeans provide you with more flexibility when it comes to how to style your top or your choice of footwear. 

What is your favorite way to wear an army jacket?


  1. I love to wear it with white jeans! Look crisp :)

  2. Great post, I love these army jacket!

    Kisses, DadieB. ~

  3. Excellent inspirations. I'm your new GFC follower # 452 if you want, come to my blog ♥


  4. I love wearing army jacket, especially in the fall. Loving all your picks!

  5. Great choices all around, but I really like the leather crinkle jacket. Love the style inspiration you showcased!

  6. I blogged about a similar style jacket recently, but I didn't buy it. Maybe I should go back and get it...

  7. I LOVE the idea of wearing it with white jeans - i'm going to do that! I would own 400 of these army jackets if it were acceptable to my bank account ;)

  8. You made some excellent choices and your tips are great! Mixing a army jacket with feminine pieces sounds fab!

  9. These are some really cute looks! I've been thinking about getting a army jacket, and if I do I'll definitely have to try out some of these outfits! Thanks for sharing at the Grace + Lace Linkup!

  10. I like the feminine and last look!


  11. I recently talked about this on my blog as well. I love styling my military jacket in different ways



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