Zaful Swimwear Review + One Shoulder Bikinis You'll Want NOW

Zaful Orange Scalloped Swimwear is available here  ($20 ONLY)
Just a few weeks ago, I was talking about NYE outfits and now I can't believe that summer is on the horizon. It is a hot season for traveling and getaways (pun intended); hence, I'd like to get an early head start when it comes to planning summer getaways. Case in point: shopping for a swimwear. I am pretty sure that a beach getaway will be in the book for any of your future summer plans. Hence, I wanted to share my thoughts on this swimwear that I got from Zaful.

Zaful Scalloped One-Shoulder Swimwear / Floppy Hat (similar- red not available)
I packed this one shoulder scalloped swimwear on our recent trip to Boracay for our second wedding anniversary. I got a lot of compliment wearing it and is definitely one of my favorite purchases from Zaful to date. The color is as vibrant as I hoped or expected. The material is also of solid construction, which is impressive for its price. I like the snug fit too. It gives you more confidence when swimming or doing water activities that it will stay on. Gladly, I didn't do anything too active during my time in Boracay last December. Nonetheless, it helped to keep my swimming style on point. I was a bit skeptical about trying on a one-shoulder swimsuit but I am glad I did.

I couldn't speak highly enough of this swimwear especially for its price point. If you are interested to get my swimwear, it is also available in a few other color options such as blackish green, burgundy, grey olive, and merlot.

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xo, Abby


  1. Cute swimsuit. I need to buy a new swimsuit this year.

  2. I had also seen their fabulous swimsuits! Very nice!

  3. You look so cute in this orange bikini, babe!

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