Tuesday Ten: Trends to Watch in 2013

There are plenty of exciting stuffs to look forward to with the new year but one of the most anticipated for fashionistas are the prevailing fashion trends. You would not want to strut trends that are long gone.To help you pick new items to add into your wardrobe this year, here are the top 10 fash trends for 2013:

1. Textured and Embellished Pieces. The floral pattern (one of my faves) has been a staple in the fashion industry and has taken on more visibility in 2012. Well, guess what? Fashion experts believe that these patterns will become more pronounced in the year 2013, although you can expect things to go over-the-top a bit with jewelled and textured details upfront

2. Bare Midriff. Make sure to stock your wardrobe on cropped tops because they are going to be a big thing, particularly in spring and summer.

3. Cropped Outerwear. Aside from a cropped top, a midriff-baring jacket or outerwear is also going to be a fashion-must this 2013. 

4. Ruffles. Feminine trends has gotten women all crazed up last year but expect more of these feminine and chic styles to reign supreme in the new year.

5. Colorblock.The burst of multicolor is ideal for bringing out a fun and bubbly vibe to your look.

6. Mixed Prints. A lot of women consider this as a major fashion risk but mixing printed pieces is one of the best ways to stand out with your fashion in 2013.

7. Monochromatic. The one-color wonder remains a classic and will be taking the center stage this year.

8. Structured outfit. This is another continuing trend from last year with lots of exaggerated lines, patterns, and bigger volumes.

9. Leather. It helps to introduce more texture into the outfit while also being a flexible daytime or nighttime choice.

10. Metallic. The glimmer and all that jazz - it is all about the futuristic look.

Which of these trends are you sporting this new year?

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**images courtesy of fashionmagazine.com and fabsugar.com


  1. great photos! i love all these trends!



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