Valentine's Day Outfit Ideas

Have you started planning where to spend your Valentine's Day? Apart from trying to figure out where to go and what to do, the most important question that most women face is this: what to wear?

Last year, the boyf and I went on a bowling date followed by dinner at one of my favorite restaurants - Swiss Deli. This time out we're looking at possibly a simple dinner date, as to where we haven't quite figured out yet. Thus, I expect to wear something dressy and probably slightly feminine.

If you're having the same dilemma of trying to figure out where to spend this special day and making sure that you wear something appropriate, then worry no more. I've spotted Bebe's lookbook guide to the top 5 outfit ideas for women this Valentine's Day. No need to panic on what you should be wearing for the event.

 Destination Romance

Desk to Dinner Date

Glam Nightspot

Fun Casual Outing

Free Spirited Getaway
What's your Valentine's Day outfit going to be?

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    1. Agreed. Love how sexy yet glam this dress is :)

  2. Lovely post and blog! I'm your newest follower :) Would you mind checking out our blog & following back via GFC and Bloglovin'? Let me know!

  3. Following you now dear! waiting in Fashion by Elena;)

  4. I love the feather trim dress - so unusual! I'm from and I'm now following you back :) thank you so much for the support. Your blog is wonderful. X

  5. I love all these dress, can't pick!

  6. Great post - lots of ideas to choose from. I would personally love the feather trimmed dress the best for myself!


  7. great ideas for V-Day outfits!!! I just started my own blog - please follow for fash tips and finds !! !! Thank you!!

    1. Hi Alina! I am now following you, great blog!

  8. Love this post! These outfits are perfect for Valentine's Day.

  9. that pleated neck romper is really cute and it can be worn with a blazer during the day.
    I love these picks of yours fro love day!
    I am a new follower from the nice to meet you hop.
    come by and visit when ya have a chance and enter to win 12 months of advertising (read Saturday the 2nd's post and enter there)- its a huge giveaway.
    have a wonderful week!


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