November Remix

The month of November hasn't been good so far, personally and for my country. First off, the devastation of the typhoon Haiyan has left a lot of people without homes and even losing some of their family members. I wanted to start off by encouraging everyone who gets to read this to do their part in providing any relief to those who were affected. Every little bit helps. You can check here to learn more about sending in your donations.

Now, onto this post... I wanted to feature something that I've worn before but wanted to amp up the look by incorporating a scarf. I love wearing dresses (yes, I've said that time and again) but it can be tricky finding new ways to style them up so you don't end up looking like you've nothing else in your closet. This scarf trick always does it for me.


 There will always be that casual chic mojo I get from wearing a dress with the scarf. So... don't say I didn't warn you. But you might be seeing more of these in the coming months, especially as the temperature gets colder and colder as we near December.

Do you share my love for this look? Yes? No?



  1. such pretty colors! you look great!


  2. Love the pink color and your scarf!

  3. Lovely Baby Pink on you. The Dress is Lovely and I love how you tied the pretty scarf. I love it Abby. Stop by to see the latest from me and if we don't talk sooner HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!

    <3 Ada.

  4. You look beautiful! that is a great color on you!! I am saying prayers for the people effected by the typhoon, it is a devastating situation!!


  5. So cute! It's great that you chose a scarf that's also pink but a different shade. The monochromatic look is hard to pull off but you did it beautifully!
    Exploring My Style

  6. This is such a great color! Love that they are in the same family of colors!

  7. Love the pink on you!
    Becky @ Cella Jane

  8. Nice scarf!


  9. Love how you styled it with the scarf! So cute!


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