November Wishlist

It's November at last! If you're wondering why I am so excited, let me fill you in: it's our anniversary month. This year will be our 7th and that's a huge deal! There is also my birthday coming up (the day after our anniversary) but I am more excited about the latter, really. 

However, we aren't here to talk about my personal life but rather my incurable impulse to shop, shop, shop! My boyfriend's going to kill me for this - but I haven't really stuck to my promise to limit my purchasing habit as we're both trying to save up. It sure is easier said than done, especially when you spot these cute items off the rack. Here are some of the items that had caught my fancy of late:

Are you already busy filling up your holiday shopping wishlist?


  1. Love the blue shoes :)

  2. Love the blue shoes!
    I have a Mac and Lush giveaway if you want to enter :)


  3. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday!

  4. Great wishlist! I love 2, 3, and 7 especially! I wish I could cut back, but as soon as we started a monthly allowance, I want to spend every penny!

  5. love your wish list, we are big fans of cobalt! We are following you on bloglovin, hope you can do the same!

  6. Christmas is coming early to wish you a Merry Christmas, best Christmas gift to see here


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