Home Decor Inspiration

Whenever I am online, I do a lot of things. One of those that I love spending my time on is to look for home interior design and decor inspirations. It is a long time dream of mine to build my own home and furnish the interior. Over the past year or so, I have gathered several design ideas that I wish to incorporate into our home. Hopefully, this year, we can get things put together.

Living Room

I never expected that I will be attracted to orange and yellow for a living room decor. But it seems to work really well with neutral or earth tones on the wall. 

Kitchen and Dining

The kitchen is one of the most important part of the house for me. I suspect I am going to be spending a lot of time in the kitchen. I want something that is neat and easy on the eyes. These two look like an attainable design concept for us. As for the dining room, I prefer a small family so that is why I prefer round tables because I feel they are more intimate.

Master's Bedroom

This one is all about comfort. Any of these color schemes will do.

And for this one, the view (of course) is a bonus...


Last but definitely not the last, I want a bathroom that is comfy and neat-looking. A minimalist design would do just fine for him. And oh, he says that a bath tub is a must!

What is your favorite home decor theme?



  1. Very nice theme throughout your room choices...comfortable, neutral, and clean colors. Hope you will be able to work on each area of your home this year!

  2. beautiful rooms!
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  3. this is SO fitting a post for me...we are moving things around...and just finished painting all of the bathrooms in our house! It has made a WORLD of difference...just a little paint...pretty amazing.
    Love that orange and tan theme!

  4. Great choices! I love dark walls in a bed room. One of my favorite things to do online in browse pinterest for home decor inspiration, don't own a home yet, but one day!


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