Spring/Summer Fashion Must-Haves from TBDress.com

As soon as the weather starts to get hot, comfort quickly climbs up your list of priorities when shopping. Pieces that are made with cool fabric such as sheer or cotton make a great choice to facilitate air flow so you stay comfortable despite the hot weather. Spring and summer also typically involves outdoor activities or staying active. But you should not let your outfit choices get in the way. 

Midi Dresses

Spring Flats

I am not really that into midi dresses because I am petite and I am not sure if the cut would suit me. However, I am not putting it off altogether. It will vary on the style and the print - I might give in someday. But with the spring/summer on the horizon, I find that midi dresses are the perfect choice to stay comfortable and look effortlessly chic. It is more forgiving than a short frock and equally fashionable as a maxi. Check out other midi dresses here: http://www.tbdress.com/Topshop-Bodycon-Midi-Dress/

A comfortable footewar is the perfect compliment to these fashionable yet comfortable spring midi dresses. I prefer sandals but you can also go for comfy flats. I found these ones to be extremely adorable that can accentuate even basic outfits. Hence, this is the quickest trick you can use if you want to stay fashionably chic during the hot weather months ahead. Here are some other fabulous choices for spring or summer flats: http://www.tbdress.com/Tory-Burch-Flats-Outlet/

Is your closet ready for spring/summer?


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  1. Absolutley love the off the shoulder stripe dress. Gorgeous!



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