Valentine's Day Work-to-Dinner Date Outfit Ideas

Valentine's Day is only a few weeks away. Many of you might have already started planning out what to do for that day, whether you have a special someone or want to hang out with your fellow single friends. But for the girls out there who have a date with their significant other, one of the biggest questions we face is this: what to wear?

It shouldn't be that hard, really. But some girls like to go all-out to make the night special. For me, though, it is all about donning classic pieces that I can easily transition from work to date night. After all, who has the time to change when you have a hectic schedule?

I found some very adorable dresses at Persunmall that would make for an ultra fashionable work wear and equally chic look for a dinner date.

This dress exudes simple sophistication. The embroidered detail around the neckline also adds a touch of creativity and keeps it from being too simple. It looks ultra stylish for work outfit but changing your hairstyle into a bun can make it perfect for a glam dinner date.

Here is another one if you are up for a sophisticated but simple styles. This dress provides great shape and oomph into your usual work wear. Cinching the waist with a belt also creates that great-looking silhouette. This is one dress that will make you extremely irresistible to your date.

This is another favorite of mine. The delicate appeal of the fabric and the color combination is too irresistible. If you love midi skirts, this is one more reason to love this Valentine's Day outfit idea. Try to keep your accessories to a minimum, though. The dress is already quite a statement in itself. Your date will no doubt be impressed. 

This one is recommended for the modern woman who likes to stand out. Even though this dress is somewhat minimalistic in design, it has that edgy vibe. It is simple and comfy enough to be used as work wear, but if you pair it with sexy heels and bold accessories, it will make for a great date night look. 

I feel like with me no list is ever complete without lace. This long sleeved, lace dress is a dream. And it does not help that I love LBDs to begin with. This look might appear to be a little too glam for work wear but why not treat yourself to that from time to time? And it is very easy to transition into your date night, too. Trust me, this trick works every single time!

What is your favorite Valentine's Day look?



  1. I really like the pink and black dress! Great post idea Abby!
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  2. I really like the second and third outfits. Very chic.

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