Is It Summer Yet?

Floral dominate the choice of pattern in my closet. In fact, I have so much floral in my closet that I could wear one every single day for one week without repeating any item. But that hasn't stopped me from going out and grabbing some more. I had been on the prowl for floral pants for a verrrry long time (I had to put several r's in there for emphasis) but I can be quite picky, too. Whether it's ill-fit or the color, I always find something that I don't quite like.

The search is finally over. I found this electric blue pants with floral patterns from Marmalade Boutique courtesy of Jorgy 'N Missy. And the best part - I got it on sale! I love that it is so easy to wear, whether I am looking to wear it casual or a bit more dressed up. For this particular day, I opted for casual since I had a gym date after. If the top looks familiar, it's because I've worn it here.

What's your thoughts on floral pants?



  1. I really like them, they're perfect for Spring :)

    Also love your sandals, where are they from?


  2. Hi!
    I like how your sandals are a perfect match for your pants!


  3. I adore these pants! What a fun vibrant print for the soon to come warmer weather!

    So cute!

  4. Love these!!!! absolutely great colour......roll on spring xx

  5. Thank you for stopping by my blog and for the nice words. :)

    I seriously love those pants!!!! Now I'll be on the lookout for something similar for the summer. You have great taste!

  6. Such bright, fun colors, and those sandals are great! Definitely makes me wish it was summer already.

    NCsquared Life

  7. Very summer look :)
    Light and hip

  8. those pants look summery and I love it.

    Ruthie @

  9. Floral pants on me a no go but on you yes! Super cute! Please grab/add the badge to your post and comment on the main post plus one more. Thanks for linking up to What I Wore!

    ✰Transatlantic Blonde✰


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