Shoe Lusting with

When first contacted me for a collaboration, I was undeniably excited due to the wide range of cute and colorful dresses they have in-store. They have quite an extensive range starting from casual to long and formal dresses. Literally, whatever type of dress you are looking for, they got it! Need proof? Check out this wide arrange of stunning dresses for every occasion:

But little did I know that the website is a haven for shoe lovers too! My reaction while browsing through the site’s shoe section was pretty typical – I gushed over one shoe to another! (Yeah, you should see me while window shopping at the mall’s shoe section!)

My taste in shoes is quite all over the place. There are times when I love basic pumps to add a sexy yet fun twist to an outfit. But there are times that I go to basic flats, too. Nothing beats comfort when you are trying to pull off a stylish outfit. And of course, there are also ones with cute bows and bold colors in them that make them really stand out in my eyes. Case in point: this lovely red pumps!

For my other picks, do check them out below. You can also do your own window shopping on the site here:

Are you the kind that goes gaga over shoes too? Be honest!


  1. love those RED ones...the sweet bow is perfection.
    Thanks for linking up with Monday Mingle.


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