Warby Parker Palm Canyon & Spring Collection 2014

The hot weather is on the horizon and we've already experienced a glimpse of it from time to time. I could not be more excited for that! Hot weather means more trips to the beach or anywhere that requires total relaxation. I am smiling at the thought right now. But while hot weather can be fun, it does not stay that way for long especially when it gets a little too hot for my liking. For this reason, I always bring sunscreen lotion, hats, and my trusty sunglasses to take with me when I go out. You need to give yourself protection from the heat.

Whether you are wearing spectacles for fashion or function, who says you cannot wear them in style? Warby Parker introduces a couple of new collections to ring in 2014 and lets you wear your new frames in style. 

Spring 2014 Collection

This collection introduces eight new shapes and six new colors to find one that is suited for your spring/summer style preferences. The styles are characteristic of modern classic concepts and bold hues, fitting for a carefree spring/summer adventure. And yet, every piece and/or design can stand on its own that every frame you try on can deliver a completely different look. It is also a fun way to try out different looks and mix and match them with these frames.

You can check out the complete collection here. Meanwhile, here is a glimpse of the collection:

Palm Canyon 2014 Collection

This collection is all about revamping their best-loved frames to give it a fresh take. All frames included in this collection come with handmade acetate inset and patterns that are were meticulously created. In fact, some of these patterns took more than a year to complete. What you will also love about this collection is that each piece is unique. As the brand claims, "no two pairs are alike".

You can check more of the Palm Canyon 2014 collection here. Or, you can get a glimpse below:

In keeping with the brand's commitment to give back, for every pair of frames sold in this collection as well as their other existing collection, a pair will also be distributed via their non-profit partners for those who are in need.

Are you liking the Warby Parker Palm Canyon & Spring 2014 collection?



  1. I love Warby Parker! And I love that they give back - that's what we do with the Wild Ruffle shop too!

  2. I love Warby Parker! I have several pairs of their glasses and was lucky enough to do a similar post for their fall line (http://www.thearnoldsblogalot.com/2013/09/warby-parker-fall-reveal.html). Thanks for sharing the spring one!

    Also, I love the name of our blog. :)

  3. I am a huge fun of tortoise shell glasses! I have a pair from Firmoo and wear them all the time!

  4. Love the leopard one!



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