Monday, November 17, 2014

Style Remix + Celine Handbag

I am not always one to go for matching looks. I find it cheesy, or even tacky when overdone. But if you can ace it, you could end up with a pretty fabulous outfit that can easily catch the eye even with minimal styling. This look, however, was not premeditated. It was at the last minute that I decided to grab a blazer to layer my dress (which I've already featured here) and it matched the color of my handbag.

If the dress looks somewhat familiar, it's because I've featured that here. But the dress is not the focal point of this outfit. It's the bag! It's one of my new ones that I purchased from Celine. The sea green color was of the same hue as my blazer that I used to give a dressed up look to this casual flared dress. I love the minimalist touch of the outfit but it has enough color to catch the eye, too.

Any new purchase that you were quite happy with?



  1. I think sometimes matching can look great - and your outfit here is a great example. I love the bag :)

  2. cute dress~

  3. Love your blazer, it is such a pretty color! I have something similar to this!


  4. I agree. Matching sometimes can be overdone but sometimes it looks so awesome! I love your blazer and the pop with the leopard! Cute bag, love the color.


  5. Love this outfit so much! The colors are great together!!


  6. Abby, green a great color on you and that bag is TDF. I have those days too that the outfits that I plan are the ones that i always ended up wearing.


  7. Green is a beautiful color on you, Abby! Your new bag looks lovely. =)

    I hope you are having a great week so far!


  8. Such a pretty bag, I love the colour.

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves

  9. You look so pretty ! Love the bag and love the color of your blazer! :)
    Come and visit my blog if you want!


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  11. That blazer is so cute! Love the color -xo


  12. Love the color of your blazer. Your bag is gorgeous!
    Obsessed Fashion Blog

  13. Nice bag and look :)

  14. Looking so very chic! That handbag is fabulous! T.

  15. Abby your new bag is awesome! So chic! I am quite happy with my mixed media leather jacket I got from Target. It's a great price point and actually quite fitted! Thanks for stopping by Patti Cake too, you are such a sweet heart always!

  16. Super cute blazer! I love leopard peeking out of the sleeve. :D

  17. thanks for stopping by my blog!!
    I LOVE that teal color and the leopard print accents are prefect!

  18. I'd love to own a Celine handbag. Love these colours and the leopard print adds a quikiness to the outfit. You look great.

  19. Hello beautiful Abby! I really love the bag very much! Love the matching blazer too and it fits you like a glove. Take care girl!!! XOXO, Jeannette

  20. What a gorgeous outfit :) Very stunning!
    We would love to follow you on bloglovin if you have one :) Let us know :D

  21. Hi there,
    Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog earlier :) I love your style, this outfit is just too adorable! Firstly, the color is gorgeous and I'm loving the leopard accents. I also adore the bag and those flats, such a classic combo! And your lip colour is beautiful, I adore bold lips so I especially love that touch!

    I would love to follow you, I just followed you on GFC and hope you follow back soon lovely!

    xx Debbie

  22. You look amazing! Beautiful bag and blazer xx
    June Wants It All

    1. Lets follow each other via GFC and fb too? I'm doing so right away :)

  23. Oh I think matching can be great when done so tastefully as you've done here. Especially when it means matching an accessory. I think it ties the two together very well. Drooling over your bag!

  24. Loving the bag....and combined/styled your Outfit perfectly to it <3

  25. obsessed with the emerald tones here but loving that pop of leopard under the cute!

    XO Meghan
    citrus fashion

  26. I love the colour and lining of your blazer, so eye catching!
    Sam xx

  27. love your blazer!

    rhea @


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