Thanksgiving Sale at

With the Halloween, you might've went on a little shopping spree with several sales and promos online. But you're not going to stop yet as SheInside introduces yet another sale promo on their website, this time in time for the upcoming Thanksgiving. So, what's in store, you might ask? You can get 25% savings when you order over $50 worth of items. Simply use the code 'pretg25' to take advantage of this excellent offer!

Ready to find some deals? Here are some of my favorites off the Thanksgiving Sale!

Which of these items are you going to pick up? I sure do have my eyes set on a few of these!



  1. Love that white dress. Also love the Barbie sweater! Great choices.


  2. I've never shopped at sheinside, but it seems like some of their items are very similar to items from forever 21 and urban outfitters. I love that cardigan you picked!


  3. The cardigan and the white dress are my favorite.

    Kreyola Jounerys | Instagram

  4. That white dress is stunning! All the items are beautiful :)

  5. nice photos! nice look !
    kisses from dimitris

  6. I would absolutely go for that white long-sleeve dress! So classy and smart!

    Jessica |


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