Blogger 101: Commenting Etiquette

Blog commenting is one of the most useful techniques available to bloggers to build readership and connection. I, too, depend on this method to get new and maintain readership on my website. It is also a good way to spread out word about your blog because social media promotion alone is insufficient.


However, blog commenting has earned a bad rap, especially in the SEO world. It has been relegated as a spammy approach to promoting a website. But I refuse to believe so. I think blog commenting can be a very powerful tool when used correctly. 

Thus, in this edition of my blogging 101 series, I'd like to share my two cents on the proper way to leave and manage blog comments:


* Be sincere. Make sure you add something of value to the conversation by leaving an honest and insightful comment. This might even encourage other readers to add their comments. It is a good way to build a conversation within the blogging space.

* Leave your blog links. I personally appreciate it when others leave a link to their blogs on their comments. It makes it easier to reciprocate the act of commenting. 

* Stay on topic. 

* Keep it brief. It can be easy to be overwhelmed but be straightforward in sharing your thoughts. Do not leave your own personal blog post at the comments section.

* Check for responses. It can be frustrating when you start a discussion and then be gone forever. If you are expecting a reply, check back on your comment. Do not leave the other person hanging. 



* Do not spam! This is the number one rule in blog commenting. As I've said, it is completely okay to leave your blog link. But it is best to limit it to that. If I decide to visit your blog, I will find the links to your social media accounts. No need to leave a link to every social media link on your post.

* Do not be impolite. If you read something you do not agree on, be polite in sharing your disagreement. You have to respect the blog's space and that you are merely a guest on that space.

* Do not make it hard for others to leave their comment. If you are concerned about troll or spam comments, impose a filtering method so you can moderate comments before they are published.

* Do not make generic comments. Or else, you will be leaving out an impression that you did not read the blog at all. 

These are just some of the things that I would like to remind everyone when it comes to posting comments on other blogs. Do you have other tips you can add?



  1. Great post and remainder.Happy weekend!

  2. These are great tips, it's always nice to have little reminders like this :)

    xoxo, SS

  3. These are some good things to keep in mind, I almost always read the whole post. Really. I love it when I can tell others did the same as well, and I'm more likely to remember/connect with them.


  4. These are so so true. I wish more people could read this post! It can be frustrating when you get a ton of spammy comments on a post that you worked really hard on. Or you just get "I'll follow you if you follow me back" when you spent so much time and effort into writing a post that meant something. Thanks so much for sharing this - and I hope it helps people out!

  5. These are spot on. I didn't realize it was proper ediquette to comment on a blog post to let the blogger know you read it. I try to comment on all the posts I read unless it's a huge blog that already gets plenty of comments. Being brief is good too. I try to write at least a sentance or two kind of as a thank you for providing the content. Great post Abby!

  6. Love these tips! These are all great reminders :) xo Andrea

    Boho Bunnie

  7. I agree with these. One thing I have to get better at in regards to managing is replying to comments left on my posts in a more timely manner. And I second what the others are saying, it can be frustrating getting comments that leave the impression the person didn't read your post at all but merely stopped by to drop their link. At the very least it is mind boggling, do people really click on the links of these kind of commenters?

    Alex - Funky Jungle

  8. All great points and I couldn't agree with you more. As someone who has been blogging for more than 5 years now, this is the type of post that will always be timely. Commenting is such a big part of blogging, especially when done with sincerity.

  9. I think this is a really great post. It is important to remember that commenting on a blog should be more about building a relationship with that blogger by showing that you actually read and appreciate their post, and not about just trying to get them to comment on yours. Thanks for posting :-)

    Natalie // Sprinkled with Pearls

  10. Yes! Couldn't agree more! I love receiving comments and I don't mind when other people link up their blog, as long as the comment is relevant. I can tell you I often mark them as spam if someone is just like "cool post" and puts their link. It's just so annoying and, frankly, kind of insulting. I appreciate all thoughtful comments and definitely don't mind letting anyone promote their blog or leave a link I can follow (and I often do) to pay it forward. thanks for sharing this!

    stop by and say hello :) ♥

  11. Completely agree with your writing.

  12. So true. I never bother to comment unless I have something that is at least two sentences long. Anything else is considered spam in my opinion. Especially the "nice look. Follow my blog" kind of comments!


  13. Hi there! Thanks for linking up with Style to Inspire which I co-hosted with Rhea on Monday. Hope you have a chance to stop by my blog . Great tips, I think I have mostly been following these :)

  14. Great tips! I have no problem with people leaving their blog link in any comments, as long as the comment indicates they've actually read the post - I always think that if non-bloggers see other bloggers are reading your posts it somehow encourages them to think of your blog as a reputable one. And I agree it makes visiting a commenters blog so much easier!

  15. Hmmm, well, now I'm being self-conscious about this comment! Seriously, I think your advice is right on point. I've connected with several bloggers through my comments on their blog and theirs on mine!

  16. Some great tips - I try to be sincere but my sarcasm sometimes comes across as being rude so I have to tone things down! I love receiving comments but every time I take off the filter meaning people need a blogger account I get bombarded with spam! I'm too tech illiterate to install a different filter system lol. Stephen


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