New Year Sale at Chicnova

Happy 2015! How is the new year treating you so far? For me, it has been great! I had a lot of positive vibes from 2014 that has carried me through this new year. I know I did a lot of shopping this past December and I am sure many of you did, too. From indulging in shopping as a treat to yourself for working hard the entire year or getting gift items for your loved ones, my bank account flunked a bit. But it's all good. As long as you see your loved ones happy with the items you got for them, it makes it all worth it!

But we can't resist a great deal, right? January is also a great time to do some shopping because a lot of shops are on an inventory sale. You can therefore find lots of items at about half the regular price (or more!). At Chicnova, I stumbled upon this fantastic New Year Sale! Get up to 30% off with your new purchase when you purchase items here

Meanwhile, I also did my own window shopping. Here are some of the items that I would love to get for myself (ha!):

Clockwise: Sexy Pure Color Crop Top / Faux Leather Messenger Bag / V-Neck Long Chiffon Dress / Backless Slim Fit Crop Top / Flouncing Sexy Dress / British Style Plaid Scarf / White Faux Fur Vest / Letter Print T-Shirt

Have you tried shopping at Chicnova before? 


Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. However, the items featured are my own picks.


  1. Cute items! Love that bag!


  2. I love that crop top! You have some really great choices! XO

    Corbin Tate

    Classy South Blog

  3. I love a good bargain!
    The faux leather bag is gorgeous,
    Thanks for sharing
    Much Love,
    Kate xo

  4. Thanks for sharing the sale. My new year is going well.

  5. Those items are really pretty - I like them. Never heard of the store before so thanks for sharing :)


  6. Thanks for sharing! 2015 is starting out fabulously for me! Hope it's doing the same for you


  7. Great post! Love all the items. Thank you for joining the Trendy Wednesday Blog Link Up! Come join the link up again tomorrow!

    Classy Yet Trendy


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